Since announcing our new partnership with Live Nation festivals we’ve had loads of positive feedback from colleagues across Co-op. It’s amazing to hear that lots of you are just as excited as I am and want to be part of our Co-op store at the festivals.

This year’s festival line-up is even more awesome now Co-op has been announced!

We’re going to be serving festival-goers at a 6,000 sqft store at four camping festivals this summer and we need your support to make it a success. It’s the first time a retailer in the UK has ever taken this step and we’re looking forward to welcoming new customers and showing them what makes Co-op so amazing, especially our quality products and our awesome colleagues. We’re looking for up to 66 colleagues per festival to work deliveries and serve customers, in our unique Being Co-op way.

It’ll be a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in one of the busiest stores in the UK for a week.

As you can imagine, it’ll be quite different to our other stores. Expect lots of situations and experiences you’ve never faced before (for example we’ll have a DJ in our shop!) and to collect some memories that’ll last a lifetime. You’ll be able to soak up the festival atmosphere both on shift and off shift, when you’ll have plenty of chance to wander around the entire festival and enjoy what’s on offer.

It won’t be a walk in a park – or a festival to be precise.

We’re expecting to welcome over 15,000 customers a day at some of the festivals and sell 27,000 bottles of 2L water at one of the festivals – that’s a lot of stock to move and a lot of customers to serve. It isn’t a standard store and I think working there will be a challenge for even some of our most experienced store colleagues. The store’s in operation 24/7 so some of the shift patterns include anti-social hours and over the course of 7 days you’ll be working up to 52 hours.

We will, of course, train and support our festival colleagues so don’t worry if you’re not from a retail background. The festival store will operate so differently from a normal Co-op store that retail experience isn’t essential. What’s important is a can-do attitude and the ability to offer the very best customer service at all times – oh and a love of camping as all our colleagues will be camping together in a special Co-op campsite within the main staff campsite!

What to expect – some essential info:

• Colleagues from across Co-op are welcome to apply – you don’t have to be from our Food business.
• Co-op will cover travel costs to and from the festivals.
• Colleagues staying on site in the tents (provided by Co-op) can claim their daily sustenance allowance.
• You’ll get a bespoke uniform that you can take home as a souvenir.
• You’ll be paid as you normally would at your usual place of work.
• We’ll equip you with everything you need to know before you even reach the festival, followed by training on the first day.
• You’ll be spending a lot of time with the colleagues on your allocated shift so it’ll be a great opportunity to make some new contacts and friends at Co-op!

If you’re still up for the challenge here’s how to apply.

Please visit for more info and instructions on how to apply. You might have some questions and we’ve aimed to cover everything else you’ll want to know on this dedicated festivals website. However, if you have a question and can’t find the answer there, please email your question to rather than posting it as a comment below.

We’re expecting a lot of applications from across the UK so as part of the selection process we’re asking everyone to tell us in less than 200 words why they should represent Co-op at the festivals.

You have until Sunday 22 April to apply and we’ll be in touch by end of April to let you know if you’ve been successful and what happens next.

Good luck and here’s to a fantastic summer together!
Alasdair Fowle, Co-op Partnerships and Events Manager

Note to colleagues: for those of you who can’t access the site by clicking the link, you can still access it on your own device.

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  1. Colleagues in my store who applied still waiting news regards application.

  2. will we be penalised because we enters on the 22nd as stated here but upon reading the terms & conditions the closing date was the 20th.

  3. Anon

    I agree, we are one coop and one team

    If a colleague wishes to apply then they should despite what business function they work for, lets leave this them and I stuff where it belongs in the past !!!

  4. To all those saying retail colleagues only,forget the me,me,us us attitude.
    Coops a group and an inclusive team

  5. I’m a funeralcare colleague with a excellent background in retail and customer service…..just because we work in funeral-care now doesn’t mean we don’t have the same experience as store colleagues. Stop with the ‘should just be store colleague’ attitudes, embrace the opportunity to work with other colleagues in different areas of the business, being open to all colleagues gets my vote! Delivering the best customer service is paramount in Funeralcare too you know!

  6. Fab, I’ve been keeping an eye out for an update. I would like to work at Download. How good is this !

  7. It should be open to all members off staff frontline staff and support. Everyone should have a fair chance at the opportunity. Us funeral care colleagues would be grateful for a change of scenery. As saying that food store colleagues know the customers better than anyone else? We in funeral care work very hard building relationships with the clients and are very proud of our work with local communities.

    • The food store colleagues know the Retail customers better than anyone else – they’re the one’s who serve them when they walk into store, and as this pop up store is at a festival and likely to be very busy, they’ll need to have that experience of working in convenience. Experience would be essential I’d imagine.

      As mentioned in previous post, I did say maybe 6 people – 3 from stores and 3 from the field or maybe other areas of the business.

  8. I don’t think this should be food colleagues only.
    Its a great opportunity for anyone from any area to get out there and show their support for the Coop in ways they wont normally be able to, equal for all

    • Store colleagues should have first refusal, they’re the customer service experts – it just seems like use in the support centre get more opportunities to do things that store colleagues could do. I’m not against people out in the field going for it, it might even be good to have about 4 or 6 people in total – 3 from stores, and 3 from the field.

      • I wonder why you think food store colleagues would have any special insight into Co-op customers at a festival? The punters come in, grab some stuff, maybe have a chat and a laugh or ask for directions and then they leave. I’m sure it can’t be that difficult to engage in a friendly and helpful way with them. After all, every one of us socialises and works with numerous and varied people on a daily basis. So let’s not pretend the store colleagues are any more qualified or deserving of this opportunity than anyone else. And be aware that Co-op is looking for in excess of 200 people to attend… not the 4 or 6 you mention.

        • Store colleagues already work in a shop – so it makes sense they’re more experienced. I wouldn’t want to do it, purely because I’ve worked in an office for the last 10 years, and my customer service skills have probably dropped in that time.

          In terms of them being more deserving, I was pointing out that us in the support centre probably have opportunities to get of the office a few times a year to work events, and conferences, whereas the opportunities for store colleagues to do things like this are more limited.

          I must admit, I did overlook the 200 people / 66 per event part in the original story, an even split would be ideal.

  9. This sounds like a wonderful idea, my grandson and his boyfriend are going to Download this year, i’ll have to give him the heads up and make sure he pays you all a visit. If I was 20 years younger I might have been interested in volunteering myself

  10. I work in the support centre but fully believe this should be open to food store colleagues only – they’re the ones always on the front line and know our customers better than anyone else does. It’s not often an opportunity like this for store colleagues comes up and they should have first refusal.

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