We launched our partnership with parkrun in 2017, and we’ve had a great time so far. Since becoming official supporters, we’ve been all over the country, celebrating all those runners that turn out on Saturday mornings to shake the cobwebs and start the weekend with a spring in their step.

We’ve had amazing feedback from you too, with stories from colleagues showing real passion for parkrun. Whether you’ve completed over 100 parkruns or run on the morning of your wedding, we’ve loved hearing all your experiences and learning about how much parkrun means to you and your communities.

This weekend sees the start of something new for the partnership – we’re taking to the parkrun communities with our Healthy Swaps challenge. From tomorrow, you’ll see us at selected parkruns with our #HealthySwaps champions, handing out healthy recipe boxes and – most importantly – cheering on all the runners.

We don’t think living well has to mean a lifestyle overhaul. The #HealthySwaps challenge is all about showing people how small changes can make a big difference – and just how easy it is to start a healthier lifestyle right away.

Let’s walk, jog, run and eat together

In our jam-packed lives, being healthy is often the last thing on our minds. We’re popping up at parkruns all over the country to show you just how simple it can be – and fun too!

With the #HealthySwaps challenge, we’re asking you to try making small changes; our goal is to help people see the big difference they can make. Why not try swapping sugary drinks for fruit infused water, or giving Meat Free Monday a go? Or how about using your leftovers to cook tomorrow’s dinner, or treat yourself to a meal round the table with friends rather than in front of the tv? We’ve got plenty of fun suggestions to inspire you, and we’ll be sharing them over the coming months.

Keep moving in the right direction

We know we’re not astronauts, but we do believe that one small step can help you make a giant leap forward. After you make that first change, you might find it’s easier to make even more. Once you’ve started, why not carry on? Keeping up the momentum, your #HealthySwaps can add up and lead onto much bigger changes.

That’s exactly what we love about parkrun. The positive atmosphere and community spirit of each run is infectious, making the idea of weekend exercise exciting for frequent runners and newbies alike. For many, what starts as a workout becomes a way to socialise and have fun.

Share your success together

We’re really proud of this partnership – getting people active and bringing communities together is something worth celebrating. We’ll be keeping you posted over the next few months, sharing updates and photos of the great parkrun events happening all over the UK.

If you’re in the area, we’re at Burnley parkrun tomorrow morning (Saturday 14 April). Whether you decide to lace up your trainers and join the other runners or give your vocal chords a workout as you cheer from the sidelines, why not get involved?

Ready to take that first small step? It’s always the right time to make a start. There’ll be plenty more opportunities to be part of parkrun over the coming months – be sure to share your success by tagging #parkrunxcoop.

How do you sneak that bit of exercise into your day? What’s your quick fix for a nutritious dinner? We want to know all about your health hacks; tag us @coopfood and share your favourite #HealthySwaps, so we can help spread the message together.