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Last month Matthew Speight, Retail Director Support Centre, talked about how we’re using technology to make things easier for colleagues in store.

Today (23 April) is a massive step forwards in achieving this as Shifts, a new mobile website for Food colleagues, goes live.

It allows you to see which days you’re working, how many hours you have scheduled, how many holidays you have, and when you get paid – using your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

In future, you’ll also be able to book holidays and extra overtime.

Food colleagues can still use the normal in-store rota but is an alternative.

If you want to find out more, read about the story of shifts so far.

All the changes happening in stores – from improving safety to driving sales – will help us achieve our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition.

Note for store colleagues: We know you can’t watch videos in store, but if you search for ‘Co-op Colleagues’ on Youtube, using your personal device, you can watch it there.

You can also read the transcript.

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  1. How long does it take for Gdl to respond as I am still waiting for a long on code

  2. Excellent idea. Is there an app for this or do we have to send for a code each time we log in on website?

    • Hi Susan. You don’t have to send for a code every time. Once you’re logged into a device, you should be able to stay logged in for 12 months. You should only need to log in again if you press ‘log out’ or are using in private/incognito mode. If you use Shifts on a different device, then you’ll be asked to log in again. Thanks ^Rachel

  3. My shifts does not work despite all details being correct.

  4. Who provides IT support for this app? if I have any issues/questions, who should I speak to?

  5. Well done Co-op Digital for creating this.

    The feedback from colleagues say it’s the best thing the Co-op’s ever done!

  6. Any chance of something like this for those in the support centre who do highly variable shiftwork. (primarily the 1st line teams across the building) ?

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