We’re sure the news that we’ve got a permanent spot on Coronation Street won’t have passed you by. Ever since we announced that our Weatherfield store was getting a refit and would be appearing on TV, everyone’s been talking about it.

It’s been a constant source of wonder for our colleagues, members, communities and the media alike, who’ve all been full of questions: What does it look like? How does it work? When will we get to see it on screen?

We’re delighted to finally be able to answer you all and unveil Weatherfield’s Co-op in all its glory! The store is now open for business, and we’ll get our first glimpse of it on Coronation Street this Friday.

We officially opened the store in a ceremony with Co-op heads including Jo Whitfield and Ali Jones visiting the set to have a peek inside the fully-stocked store and cut our iconic Co-op ribbon.

They were joined by Store Manager Josh McNaboe, who travelled from his usual Co-op in Leeds to join in the celebrations as honorary Weatherfield store manager for the day. As a lifelong viewer of the programme, he said: “I’m a big Coronation Street fan and I’m so excited to be part of this moment and help with the official ribbon cutting.”

Our Customer Director, Alison Jones, said: “Our partnership with ITV has been an exciting time for the whole team and we are delighted to officially unveil our Weatherfield Co-op store. Coronation Street is all about community life and the Co-op is a retailer at the heart of local life and being close to the customer. We’re delighted to be able to serve the residents of this iconic street.”

Want to know more? We’ve got the full scoop in the next issue of Let’s Talk About Food – look out for behind-the-scenes photos, an interview with Store Manager Josh and even some exciting giveaways!

And don’t forget to tune in this Friday 27 April to see our Weatherfield Co-op make its screen debut. We’re starting with a quick peek in the 7.30pm episode, but you’ll get a full view at 8.30pm.

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  1. From what I’ve seen of the store front, I’m not convinced. It has a small pair of double doors, like on a house porch. Not exactly DDA friendly – how will Izzy shop here? Don’t the vast majority our stores (certainly brand new ones!) have automatic doors? Before anybody says it could be an auto swing door, it isn’t, there are no sensors. And the shop looks too small to be realistic. We sold all our <1500sqft stores to McColls and Rontec.

    Will there be scenes filmed inside the store? Or is it merely a frontage? They've certainly got the battleship grey nailed on!

    And I love how stingy we are using the same fake scissors as all the other store refits so we can use the ribbon again!

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Our teams worked hard to make the store as realistic as possible, bearing in mind it had to be designed for filming – that’s why you won’t see any automatic doors. As for the size of the store, there won’t be any shots showing the full inside so the full size of the store will never be revealed.

      The foam scissors are used for Co-op store openings as they add more theatre than a pair of normal scissors would. They’ve become a symbol for us – they’re iconic, don’t you think?

  2. Where can we get hold of the mugs and bags if we are based outside of Manchester?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. The bags are on sale in every food store across the UK, stocks were limited and it is a first come first served basis – I hope you managed to get hold of one! As for the mugs, we’ve had a very limited number of them, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to win mugs for you and your team!

  3. Where can we get a copy of “Let’s Talk About Food”? Is it available on the intranet?

    • Hi, where do you work? It depends whether you’re based in store, depot or Support Centre. We deliver copies of every issue to stores and depots – if you work there, check with your team to see where you can find one. In Support Centre, copies should be available on all floors. The magazine isn’t currently available on the intranet, but keep your eyes peeled as we’re working on bringing you a digital copy very soon! Thanks 🙂

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