Ian Rogerson

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the amazing stories of our 12 winners of the first ever Co-op-wide Thank you for Being Co-op awards. Ian is a technical manager working in our Beers, Wines and Spirits department in One Angel Square, Manchester. Here’s his story.

“I was blown away by what my colleagues said about me. Lots of people don’t seem surprised I’ve won Support Centre Colleague of the Year because I never shut up about how brilliant Co-op is. I just think everyone should feel this way and I’m really proud to be an ambassador for our organisation.”

NOTE: we know videos can’t be watched in store – but you can watch them from your own device, anytime, by searching for ‘Co-op Colleagues’ on YouTube.

Ian Rogerson is ‘Mr Co-op’ to many people. Judging by his Co-op bow-tie, jacket and stuffed toy, he certainly looks the part.

But what’s more important is that he lives the part every day, since 1984 when he first started working for Co-op.

“One of the massive things about working for this organisation is you get unbelievable opportunities to make a difference,” he says.

Part of Ian’s job involves visiting our Fairtrade wine suppliers across the world. But he doesn’t take it for granted. He uses his time there to be an ambassador for Co-op, always making sure on his return he shares the fantastic things our Fairtrade wine is doing for these communities with as many colleagues as he can.

Closer to home he gives hours of his spare time doing wine tastings to showcase the excellent quality and value of our own-brand products in his local community.

Every Christmas day he gives up his time to serve Christmas dinner to those spending the festive season alone in his community (often dressed as Father Christmas). On Boxing Day last year he also served Christmas dinner to the homeless in Leeds.

He puts as much effort into supporting the local stores where he lives as he does into his day job. In February when he was snowed in at home and unable to get into Manchester, he walked to his local store and offered to work if they were short-staffed. This is just one example.

“The stuff that isn’t directly related to my day job I do because I just enjoy doing it. I’m really proud to represent Co-op in the community.

“Now’s the time when more and more is needed to support those who are less well-off and less able in our communities – to bring communities together and encourage co-operation. That’s what our Co-op does and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

What colleagues said about Ian

“Ian is local to my store and comes in shopping regularly at the weekend. He lives and breathes Co-op and is regularly on hand to come into store and do wine tastings or promote membership. This man absolutely amazes me with his commitment and love of Co-op and how he puts Being Co-op into practice.”

“There will never be a more kind-hearted, generous-spirited Co-op colleague than him. If we could all adopt even a small amount of his passion for Co-op, we could truly become the agent of change that the Co-op movement hopes to be.”

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  1. Ian is an absolute hero and the embodiment of living and breathing the Co-op values. An inspiration both in and out of the office and one of the most selfless, generous guys I know.

  2. Congratulations Ian, and thank you for being a fantastic ambassador for the technical team and the whole Co-op.

  3. Ian absolutely deserves this award and I honestly can’t think of a better person for this to go to. Throughout the years, Ian has always been the first to ask the food experiential team how he can help – whether it’s in a pop up restaurant, the middle of a field at the agricultural shows, a foodies festival, wine tastings.. the list goes on. He is an honorary member of our team and absolutely welcome to come and join us at any time. Congratulations Ian 🙂

  4. Congratulations Ian , well deserved x

  5. Ian is just brilliant to be around and his bowties are almost as legendary as his passion for the coop. He’ll pick you up when you are down, help you if you are struggling and listen to you when you want to be heard. Ian can talk for absolutely hours about wine, Fairtrade and the coop and you know that every word is from the heart. He’s also not afraid to dress up for charity or fun and the Captain Birdseye was one of the best. So pleased that he’s been recognised in this way, thoroughly deserved.

  6. I have known Ian for many years and he really is something else. And no Ian, I don’t mean the tutu wearing at Glastonbury where we got down with the kids to promote our Co-op almost 10 years ago; nor the promotion of Fairtrade bananas whilst dressed as gorillas. Not even your brilliant Arkwright delivered presentation to get across the Co-op message. I mean that you are a special type of person who is selfless, happy and as Co-op as you will ever find. We should make Ian an honorary Rochdale Pioneer. You so much deserve this recognition and I am honoured to call you my friend. Congrats on your award!

  7. So deserved Ian. You are brilliant to work with and an inspiration to us all

  8. Ian is a legend and I am really proud and humble to be able to call him a friend. There are so many examples where he embodies the values, we are very lucky to have him working in our store support centre.

  9. Ian is lovely colleague. Always greats you with a smile. An absolute pleasured to work with.

  10. Wholeheartedly deserved, Ian. What a kind, thoughtful, humble man. “Mr. Co-op” – love it!

  11. Thoroughly deserved Ian – a man who always has a smile on his face, and is always happy and willing to help a colleague in need. I can’t think of another colleague who inspires me to be more “co-op” as you.

  12. Ian is a totally awesome fellow with whom I’ve dealt on occasions.
    One Christmas, the potatoes, I think it was, weren’t delivered in time so I believe he went to the shops and bought them to complete the dinner. A deserving winner of this award. Well Done !!

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