If you’re an eligible member you should have had your your AGM voting pack by now, by email or post. If you haven’t had yours, you’ll need to call 0800 023 4708.

As a member owned business, our AGM and elections give you a chance to get involved in our democracy, and vote on:

  • Our motions – these include important things like what we campaign on, and how we work (last year these were around Fairtrade, modern slavery and packaging recyclability and you can see what changed as a result of you voting below)
  • Our Member Nominated Directors who help set the business strategy, oversee our commercial and financial performance, and make sure we’re staying true to our values and principles
  • Our Council members who make sure members’ voices and interests are heard at the highest level in our business

Have your say on our use of plastics

A new motion for 2018 (number 11), is about our use of plastic packaging, something very topical at the moment. While 71% of Co-op brand products are already in easy to recycle packaging (our goal being 80% by 2020) a vote for motion 11 will support our commitment to:

  • ​Maintain our leadership position in identifying and reducing the sources of plastic pollution
  • Maximise the recyclability of packaging, especially plastic packaging
  • Report each year on the detailed progress made around packaging recyclability

What’s happened since you voted last year? 

Last year we had AGM Motions on packaging, Fairtrade and modern slavery and members voted overwhelmingly in favour of all three.

We’ve made some great progress in all these areas since our last AGM, which you’ll see in our report and these short videos:

Packaging recyclability – making 80% of ours ‘easy to recycle’ by 2020:

Fairtrade – continuing our support for Fairtrade producers, as they face increased uncertainty:

Modern slavery – campaigning against it and helping victims rebuild their lives:

How to vote:

 If you’re coming to the AGM:

You can vote on the motions in the room, but you’ll need to vote for your Member Nominated Directors and Council representatives in advance either online or in the post depending on your pack preferences (just make sure you tell us you’re ‘attending’ when you complete your form).

If you’re not coming to the AGM:

If you’re not coming, you can still vote online or by post, depending on your pack preferences. You’ll need to select ‘I am unable to attend the AGM and wish to appoint a voting representative’ if you’re voting online –  or complete Section 2 on the paper voting form. This person (normally the Chair) then places your vote on the day. You’ll then be able to vote for your Member Nominated Directors and Council representatives

To find out if you’re eligible to vote this year, just log into your membership account.

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  1. Hi,

    I had my email and I clicked through twice and only seemed to be able to vote on the priority order of member nominated directors and member council representatives. I couldn’t see anywhere to vote on the motions.

    Can this only be done at the AGM in person?

  2. Hi,
    I am being asked constantly regarding what used to be our membership pay-out/bonus which during the “Being Coop” sessions was alluded to be returning this year. As I remember this was always voted on at the AGM each year and am curious if this has made the agenda or if anything has been said regarding this?

    • Hi Aaron,
      There’s no plan for this at the moment so it won’t be part of this year’s AGM. The main way members are rewarded at the moment is through the 5% and 1% back on Co-op brand products, and it isn’t possible at the moment to do both. If and when the divi comes back, we’ll make sure all colleagues are aware of it.

  3. I understand how the Co-op works and all, BUT I’m lost when I read the pack that was sent to me. It might as well be written in double Dutch. And if this same pack is sent to all our members, can we publish some numbers about how many actually bother voting, having taken time out of their busy lives to interpret the details?

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the feedback. Would you be willing to share any more detailed feedback on which bits were confusing, and what improvements could be made?. This would be really helpful when producing next year’s pack. You can email me at: communications@coop.co.uk and I’ll pass it onto the team responsible for the pack.

  4. With so much focus on last year’s motions and hardly any promotion of this year’s ones (which appears to be just the same as last year), does this mean that there isn’t anything that meaningful to vote on this year. Not really seeing the point to be truthful. Do we really have a say in how the Co-op is run, or is this just a tick box exercise? Why not inspire me to vote instead of re-playing last year?

    • Hi Not Inspired,
      Showing what’s changed since last year is important as people want to see we’re acting on their votes, and I think most people will find the progress we’ve made really inspiring. Our main motion this year is around our use of plastics, and there are more stories to come. It’s not just about the Motions though – you also get to vote on our Council Members and Directors too.

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