Dee Germain-Dibley - winner of Insurance Colleague of the Year

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the amazing stories of our 12 winners of the first ever Co-op-wide Thank you for Being Co-op awards. Dee is a supply chain manager in Miller St, Manchester. Here’s her story.

“I can’t believe I’ve won Insurance Colleague of the Year – it’s just absolutely amazing. I’m taken aback by what my colleagues have said about me. I didn’t expect to win at all.”

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Dee has been dedicated to Co-op for the last 30 years when she started as a filing clerk in our Insurance business in 1988.

She’s been in a variety of roles throughout the years and now works as a supply chain manager in motor insurance.

“My friend recommended Co-op to me 30 years ago. When I first started I said to myself: ‘I’m only staying here for six months’ but I’m still here so that says something!”

Dee is more than a colleague to everyone she works with – she’s a friend and confidante who has given up her time and energy over the last three decades to support and encourage people from all walks of life in Co-op.

“To me I don’t do a lot – I just want to help. I’ve been here a long time and I know some people find it hard to adapt to change – and we’ve had so much in Insurance.

“You have to support colleagues throughout that change so I do my best to try and help everyone.

“I’m not shy at going out to people, being approachable – I’ve always got an open door. And it doesn’t have to be work-related.”

As well as providing personal support to colleagues, Dee is a passionate member of both the Colleague engagement group and the Black and Ethnic Minorities group.

“I get involved because sometimes colleagues don’t get a voice.”

Dee always volunteers to take on extra tasks in her own department and has recently done some brilliant work to improve ways of working in our supply chain.

“I’m far from confident. I don’t know what’s changed in me in the last 12 months but it’s a case of: ‘get out of your comfort zone’.

“I think it’s because I enjoy doing what I’m doing. Some people don’t have that voice and I’m confident enough now to talk to our bosses about what colleagues are saying so that things can keep improving.”

What colleagues said about Dee

“This colleague has worked for the Co-op for over 30 years and I feel deserves to be recognised as Colleague of the Year for all the work she does to support and make Co-op Insurance and Co-op a better place to work for all her colleagues.

“She will actively listen, seek feedback from others and act on it where appropriate and I know I can rely on her. She will not “shout” about what she does for her colleagues and the Co-op and I think sometimes this can be missed and not recognised so this is a great opportunity to show her that her contribution and commitment is appreciated. I believe she really brings to life all the Ways of Being, thank you!”

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  1. Well done De. You deserve it.


  2. well done!! :-))

    You do an amazing job x

  3. Well done Dee!

  4. Well done Dee, very proud that you have been recognized for all the great work you do !

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