Screenshot of graphic from the GDPR training

We’re nearly there: GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect from next Friday, 25 May, and it affects every colleague across Co-op.

Whether that’s because you now have new rights around your own personal information, or because you handle the personal information of colleagues, customers, members, suppliers or contractors – either way you need to make sure you know what GDPR means for you.

Hopefully, you’ve seen all our previous communications and are absolutely ready and confident that you’ve got it all covered. But if not, then why not do the following:

  • Make sure you’ve had your GDPR training – every colleague has to do it
  • Have a discussion as a team to make sure your processes and routines don’t leave you vulnerable to a mistake
  • Clear out any old personal information, documents, files, videos, pictures that you shouldn’t be keeping any more
  • Check out the GDPR pages on the colleague site – available on any device at any time – for helpful information and links

Keeping on the right side of the law with GDPR is not just, simply, the right thing to do, but it also supports our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities goal of having a safe and secure co-op for everyone.

If you’re unsure about anything, then speak with your manager now or have a look on the GDPR page for more info.

Thank you for all the work colleagues have been doing to prepare us for this over the last few years.

Andrew Lang
Chief Risk Officer