I’m Laura and I’m the Marketing Manager for Co-op Home Insurance.

I’d like all our colleagues to ask us – “can you beat my home insurance renewal price?”


Because we’ve got a fantastic new offer for members (including colleague members) and it starts today, 17th May 2018.

We guarantee to beat your current home combined buildings and contents insurance renewal price – your quotation must match your coverages with your existing insurer, including optional extras.*

AND we’ll give you £50 in Co-op Food vouchers. Ts & Cs apply.**

If we don’t beat your renewal price, we’ll refund the difference plus £1.

All you have to do to get both offers together is be a new customer and take out a combined buildings and contents policy before 17th July 2018 by calling our UK call centre free on 0800 083 1052.

So if your buildings and contents insurance renewal is coming up over the next couple of months be sure to give us a call to see if we can help.

If you’re not yet a member then you can join online or simply call our membership team on 0800 023 4708. You’ll need to quote your employee number which you can find on your payslip.

Laura McKiernan
Home Marketing Manager, Co-op Insurance

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  1. Whenever I see an offer on home insurance, it always seems to be for buildings and contents, but as someone who lives in a block of flats, we already have separate communal buildings cover which covers all residents, so only need contents cover. As such, we miss out on these offers and it means that the contents only cover is not cheaper than your competitors, meaning it would be pointless to change from my current insurer. Are there any plans to make offers on contents only cover?

    • Hi there Paul. You’re right, most home insurance offers do tend to be for combined policies. At Co-op Insurance, we sell more of these kinds of policies than single modules (i.e. contents or buildings policies on their own). With the ‘Guaranteed to Beat’ offer, we’re just testing whether this kind of offer appeals to colleagues and members then we’ll be able to decide whether we should roll it out longer term and/or whether we can extend it across other products too, including contents only insurance. Kind regards, Laura.

  2. Is this something we will potentially doing on out motor insurance?

    • Morning. We’re keeping a close eye on whether this kind of offer appeals to colleagues and members then we’ll be able to decide on whether we can roll it out longer term and/or whether we can extend it across other products. Watch this space! Best regards, Laura.

  3. My renewal isn’t due till 1st September, any offers coming around then??

    • Hi Debbie. Our £50 free food voucher offer will still be available at that time. And as a colleague, you’ll also get 25% colleague discount. The ‘Guaranteed to Beat’ offer is purely a test at the moment so we’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see how well it goes down with colleagues and members alike. If it goes well, we might roll this out longer term so don’t forget to come back to us and see what we can offer you when your renewal is due. Best regards, Laura.

  4. What about existing Customers?

    • You do a new quote and lapse current policy.

    • Hi Mark. ‘Guaranteed to Beat’ is something we’re testing to see if it appeals to members and we’re monitoring it very closely. As an existing customer, you will always get our best renewal price – or alternatively you can ask us for a new business quote. Hope this helps. Best regards, Laura

      • Why would the “best renewal quote” be different to the “new business quote” when all other details would be the same? Why don’t we as an insurance company lead the way and not artificially inflate a renewal quote because we know people sometimes just accept the renewal value without doing any research

        • Hi Mark. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out of the office for a few days. At Co-op, we want to reward loyalty. Our Pricing and Underwriting teams are actively working on a strategy to re-balance the new business and renewal prices and help us to reward member loyalty. We need to do this in a way that creates a sustainable insurance business that does the right thing for our members. In the meantime, we’re testing new offers like ‘Guaranteed to Beat’ to encourage more Co-op members to use our Insurance products. With kind regards, Laura

        • Hi Mark,
          You are absolutely right, there should not be customer detriment when they are showing us loyalty. We are aware of this issue and tackling this is part of our Pricing strategy for the year, which I am leading.
          We currently aren’t in a position yet to release a product fulfilling this goal as we are embedding new software which will eventually enable us to perform the required analysis to correctly price the product. However, this is due to be completed in the coming months and we expect to be able to start developing a product later in the year.
          If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, my email is – jack.wallace@cfs.coop.


  5. You cant say fairer than that!! Nice one

  6. Please do deals for people in social housing who do not need combjned insurance.

    • Hi Sandra – great point. Let me check with our Home Products team and get back to you.

      James – Insurance Internal Communications

      • not just social housing, I bet there are thousands of colleagues in rented accommodation that only require contents.

  7. Nice deal, will give it a go

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