Anezka Piska - Legal Services Colleague of the Year

We’re sharing the amazing stories of our 12 winners of the first ever Co-op-wide Thank you for Being Co-op awards.

Anezka works as a Probate consultant in the South West. Here’s her story.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d won. I would’ve been happy if any one of the nominees had won it. I know them personally and the work they put in. This award is for our team and what we do.”

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As soon as you meet Anezka her love of Co-op and our values is clear to see.

“From my perspective Co-op gives lots of people values to live and work by. I see the Co-op as a family even though it’s a big organisation – it still feels local and part of the community.”

When Anezka joined Legal Services four years ago as a Probate consultant she was already used to working with families in a previous retail banking role where she dealt with bereavement registrations – a job where real sensitivity and professionalism was needed.

Her role now is no different. She’s passionate about helping families who’ve just lost a loved one. Visiting their home or funeral home (if they prefer) she explains the legal process involved in dealing with their loved one’s property, possessions and money, in simple terms.

“My clients are just wonderful. When I explain what we can do and take off their shoulders, it’s a relief for them to know that someone they trust is looking after it for them in a really transparent way,” she says.

Working with around 20 other consultants she’s looking forward to the team growing after Legal Services’ recent acquisition of Simplify Probate.

Anezka’s colleagues talk about her tireless commitment to client care. One time on holiday camping in Cornwall she changed into her suit then drove two hours to a client’s house to personally deliver a document.

Her work coaching colleagues in our funeral homes to support their knowledge – explaining and highlighting what Legal Services can offer clients and the value this adds – has been so important.

And the support she gives her fellow colleagues – both in their career development, planning and trying to improve the service to clients – is worthy of an award itself.

“I love helping people. I work with amazing colleagues and I want them to get the most out of the job for them and their clients. Everyone works really hard and without all of us we wouldn’t provide the service we do.”

What colleagues said about Anezka

“This colleague is a true ambassador for Co-op values. She embodies working without walls, involving herself across the business looking for ways for us to improve how we work and succeed together to enhance the customer experience.

“Customers are at the heart of all she does, and she will routinely question things or suggest ideas where she thinks we can improve the customer journey or experience. She always considers her colleagues and shapes everything she does to make sure we succeed together.”

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