Hi, my name’s Fran Marsden, I’m the manager of our Leadgate store in Durham.

When I first started working here one of the main issues I noticed was the amount of food we were throwing away at the end of each day.

But since we switched to a new Reduce to Clear (RTC) process, we’ve seen a big improvement. The price you should drop products down to is based on our sales and the amount of stock we have, so it’s really clear and right for our store.

We can now choose when to make reductions between 6pm and 10am on the day a product goes out of date. Whereas before we were reducing things at 12 noon the day before. It’s really helping us increase our profit – it’s knocked about £200 of our weekly waste! And we’re spending less time doing reductions, because things can be left on sale for longer.

We’re also reducing long and short life products at the same time, so now we’re doing everything in one routine it means we’re less likely to miss something.

Making it stick

When we first started using the new process it took a while for the team to get used to. Colleagues sometimes thought we could’ve made more money from a product by not reducing it by the suggested amount.

I had a chat with everyone in my team to explain how important it is that we stick with the new process. I think if you let people know how it actually works, it builds their confidence and you’re more likely to get them on board.

Now that the team have noticed how much we’ve stopped putting in the bin, they’re completely behind it.

Fran Marsden, Leadgate