Registration for the 2018 Bike Scheme is now open and you’ve got until Friday 6 July to take part.

The bike scheme, in partnership with Halfords, offers Co-op colleagues a wide selection of bikes – with savings of up to 42%* on the cost of a bike, and safety accessories, for cycling to work.

To find out more and apply, visit the our benefits website.

If you want to apply for the Bike Scheme and haven’t registered on the Benefits site before, have your employee number and National Insurance number handy.  If you need help registering on the site or don’t have online access, call the helpline on 0330 100 2313, 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday.  They’ll be happy to help.

How you save money

Bike Scheme savings come through ‘salary sacrifice’, which means you agree to give up part of your salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit – in this case the loan of a bike and safety accessories.

Please remember that a ‘salary sacrifice’ means a contractual change to your terms and conditions of employment.  You make the savings by not having to pay tax or National Insurance contributions on the salary you sacrifice.  In return the bike must be used by you, predominantly to cycle all, or part, of the journey to work.  When you apply we’ll check to make sure that your salary sacrifice doesn’t take your rate of pay below the minimum level defined by the Government. If it does, we won’t be able to process your application as a salary sacrifice. You will still have the option to join the scheme, but will need to contact the Bike Scheme helpline for details on 0330 100 2313.

Colleagues leaving the business for any reason, are required to re-pay their loan in full when they leave and won’t be able to benefit from these savings on the outstanding balance.

There are some great bikes available so register now to get fitter, help reduce CO2 emissions and save yourself some money.

Don’t forget, FAQ’s and other information can be found on the Benefits website ( and there is a Bike Scheme helpline (0330 100 2313) available for your questions/queries.

* actual savings depend on the rate of income tax you pay.

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  1. Hi guys,what is the timescale from application to receipt of voucher?

  2. Does anybody have experience of the scheme regarding what happens at the end of the 12 month pay back period? Did you have to pay a lump some to transfer ownership? Guidance seems to indicate this is 25% of the original retail price. So if it was a shop price of £600, you would have to pay £150 to complete the transfer of ownership.

  3. I think this scheme always comes at the wrong time of year as the bike companies are ready release next years models in Sept / Oct & -by the time your in June / July all the small & / or popular size frames have already gone .
    Could you consider running the scheme earlier in the year say Feb / March – then you can have a new bike for Easter and lighter days rather than waiting until middle of the year

  4. Does it have to be a £1000 voucher?

    I figure £2-400 would be more than enough for a suitable bike, can we apply for a smaller voucher initially

    • Paul, You can apply for a minimum of £100 up to a maximum of £1000 in increments of £10…

    • Paul I got it last year and only took £600 it doesn’t need to be full amount

    • its up to £1k – you can choose the amount

    • Can be up to £1000, doesn’t need to be the full amount. Think I spent £800 last year….

    • Paul, you can apply for a minimum of £100 up to a maximum of £1000, in increments of £10

  5. any answer to this?

    I am coming up to my to my second summer with the Coop after almost 2 years here as a temp, and have a new contract taking me through this year too………Can I apply through this scheme?

    • Paul, the scheme is open to any Co-op colleague, paid as an employee via our payroll. If you are on a temporary contract via an agency, you will not be eligible.

  6. May as well ask, in case anyone knows the answer. If there’s a battery powered bike under £1000, would I be able to get that? The hills to get to work are monstrous, and there’s no way I’m risking a cardiac arrest getting to work without a bit of assistance.
    I suspect the answer will be no, but if you don’t ask, you don’t know.

    • Hello Slinky
      The £1000 is a voucher and can be used on any bike (including electric ones) plus accessories. Make sure you price up everything you need before applying for the scheme as at the tills it may only come to £700 or £800 but you still have to repay £1000 through your pay.

      • Huh? If I got a bike, for arguments sake £700, I’d still have to pay £1000? Is that what you’re saying? That doesn’t sound right to me. If that’s right, no wonder I’ve not heard of anyone using the scheme.

        • only if you borrow £1000. I f you only need £700 then you only ask for £700

    • Power assisted bikes are allowed under the scheme, providing like any other, they are within the £1000 limit.

    • you apply for the voucher and get whatever bike you want I got an electric bike last year from this scheme

    • Is there a rough figure on say a £1000.00 bike and assessories, I was looking at getting an electric bike, but before registering and commiting I would like a rough figure on how much it would cost me through my wage? Thanks

    • Battery powered cycles can be included, providing their value doesn’t exceed the maximum value of £1000. You may choose any value between £100 and £1000 in increments of £10. You do not have to request the full £1000, as Nick suggests.

  7. The FAQs for this load up a 403 error, access denied. Can this be looked into, considering as we have only a month.

    • Apologies for this – the links to ‘find out more’ and ‘FAQ’s’ were working yesterday. We have requested an urgent fix and these should be back up later.

    • The links are now fixed…

    • This error has been fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  8. I would like to apply for this but unfortunately I couldn’t cycle to work as I’m a 40 minute car journey! I would still use the bike though. Am I not eligible to apply?

    • Hi Luisa, unfortunately, the Cycle to Work scheme requires that you cycle all or part of the way to work and the cycle is predominantly used for this purpose. As this would not be the case for you, you would not be eligible.

    • Its my understanding that as long as the bike is used for part of your commute eg cycling to the railway station then its ok.

      best off ringing them to confirm this though

    • Hello Luisa
      It’s a government tax relief scheme that requires you to use it to cycle to work in order to qualify for the tax relief part. You could use the scheme without the tax relief and treat it as a monthly repaid loan however.

    • Hi Luisa, the C2Work scheme states the bike should be used for all or part of your journey to work so if you could drive some of the distance and cycle the remainder I think you would still qualify. Another option would be to see if you can use public transport to cover some of the journey and cycle the remainder

    • Yes- Luisa use it for what you want. Halfords (etc) get their monies, we get a discount and it works well. It is to ENCOURAGE cycling to work, but no-one will force you.

    • As the name suggests, you need to use the cycle to cycle to work, but as Matt has stated, you can use it to cycle to a station, before getting a train….

  9. Hi

    the ‘more info’ and ‘FAQ’ links on the member benefit page lead to a page showing

    An error has occurred
    403 : Access denied.

    • Apologies for this – the links were working yesterday. We have requested an urgent fix and they should be working again later.

    • The links are now fixed….

    • This has been fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience…

  10. Hi
    I am coming up to my to my second summer with the Coop after almost 2 years here as a temp, and have a new contract taking me through this year too………Can I apply through this scheme?

    • Hello Paul
      You can use the scheme if you are a temporary employee but be aware that if you leave before the repayments are finished (before 12 months) then the full remaining amount will be deducted from your final salary.

    • Hi Paul, if you are directly employed by Co-op and paid through the Co-op payroll, we should be able to set up the salary sacrifice via payroll. If you are paid via an agency, it will not be possible. You could check this with our payroll department via

  11. It’s worth saying that you don’t HAVE to get your bike from Halfords – I redeemed my voucher through Tredz last year, they have a huge range online.
    The most commonly asked question on the C2W scheme seems to be if you keep the bike at the end of the “hire” – yes you do is the answer!

  12. I only have a 16hr contract and don’t pay tax how would this work for me I don’t live far from work and walk most days although I would use the bike to get to work I would want it for fitness I love cycling but haven’t had a bike since I was a kid

    • Hi Gemma

      You won’t get any taxable benefits from the scheme but you will be able to spreed the purchase over a year (0% interest) and will be taken out of your salary each month.

      you get £1k credit note that can be redeemed in most bike store.


      • Worth noting that the credit note is up to £1000 – Somebody on a 16hr contract would possibly drop below NMW if they spent the full £1000, and thus not be eligible.

        • I’d sense check that’s the case – this is a voluntary deduction? The colleague is being paid NMW, they chose to opt into the scheme and have that pay redirected elsewhere? (Not from Payroll, just my layman’s understanding)

          • Hello all
            Payroll wouldn’t be able to make the deductions if your pay falls below national minimum wage. Even though it’s an optional scheme, it is a ‘salary sacrifice’ which is a contractual amendment and therefore it reduces your contractual pay. If you are paid just a little bit above the national minimum wage, you could try reducing the voucher amount to £300 for example as this way the repayments are lower and you may be less likely to go under the minimum wage. It would also depend on your pension contribution type as this may affect it if that is also salary sacrifice.

    • Hi Gemma, it appears you don’t earn enough to benefit from tax & NI savings available under the scheme, so there won’t be any salary sacrifice advantage to you. If you want to call the Bike Scheme helpline (0330 100 2313), they will be able to discuss non-salary sacrifice options to get a bike.

    • You wouldn’t benefit if you don’t pay tax

  13. Hi, I am interested in this scheme but I note that is in partnership with Halfords? I personally would much rather support my local bike shop (who also partake in the Cycle to Work Scheme) rather than a big company like Halfords (it feels like a much more Co-op thing, to support a small local business). I assume there is nothing to prevent my purchasing from another retailer that accepts the vouchers, I would just need to get a quote from them, apply for the vouchers and then pay for it using the vouchers? Please can you advise if this is incorrect.

    • @CycleFan you can email for a list of independent retailers which will accept your Halfords voucher. Like you I plan to use my local cycle shop which is also a co-op 🙂

      • I Emailed Halfords and they sent the list straight over. Quite a few shops all over the NW. Good to support the local independent shops!

    • Halfords partner with many independent retailers who will accept the Halfords ‘Letter of Collection’. You should check with the Bike Scheme helpdesk or follow the ‘find out more’ link before using an independent retailer, in case they are not a Halfords partner.

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