Our choose your cause campaign started last week. We’re encouraging more members to go online and choose a local cause to support with their 1%.

We’ve done a number of films featuring local causes and some of our colleagues to help spread the message. We’ll be sharing some of these over the next few weeks.

I’m Becky White and I work at a Food store in Frome. I was lucky enough to feature in one of the films.

I felt even luckier to visit Active & In Touch (the stars of the film) to see this local cause in action and the wonderful work they do.

They basically help people who’ve maybe felt a bit isolated and lonely – bringing them together to do lots of activities like cookery, walking and exercise classes.

You can read the transcript for this video.

I knew they were one of the three local causes Co-op was supporting in my area but I didn’t really know much about them. Being here has made realise how important the work they do actually is.

And simply by going online and choosing a cause like Active & In Touch we can help them keep up the good work, and lots more causes, by choosing a local cause to support with our 1%.

Choosing your local cause means you can see what’s being done with your money and how it’s helping your community.

Food colleague, Frome

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  1. Thanks for sharing your visit Becky, its a great cause that it is making a real difference to people in Frome. And what a simple message – use your membership card to make a difference!

  2. If I “forget” I assume one will be automatically selected or it will be divided up amongst them?

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