We’ve launched our new direct cremation service today – Cremation Without Ceremony in England, Scotland and Wales. The new funeral choice costs £1,395 and £1,230 in Scotland, is for those, who for lots of reasons, prefer not to have a funeral service.

Cremation Without Ceremony is a simple, straightforward funeral choice, that does not compromise on the high standards of care that we offer as a trusted brand. And despite it costing less than half that of a traditional funeral, our research has shown that for many the choice is not driven by price. By not including a service, it gives families the chance to remember their loved one in their own way at a location of their choosing.

Cremation without Ceremony is available to clients online (coop.co.uk/cremation) and over the phone. We’re the only ones being transparent about the costs upfront and the only ones giving clients the option to visit their local funeral home to speak to our caring and professional colleagues for any necessary help, guidance and support.

Watch our Cremation Without Ceremony explainer video.

It’s about offering our clients more choice

Caroline Jones, Head of Propositions for Funeral and Life Planning, said:

We’ve seen an increased demand for this simpler service and our priority is always to do right by the families in our care. We’re expecting the demand for this offering to continue to rise, by introducing Cremation without Ceremony we’re ensuring that we’re offering choices to families when the time comes to say goodbye.

David Collingwood, Director of Funerals, said:

Co-op Funeralcare have been leading the funeral industry for many years by listening to our clients, offering choice and innovation. Cremation Without Ceremony is not just for those seeking the most cost-effective option, but it gives families more choice in how they decide to say their final goodbye.

A planned, well thought out ceremony and celebration of a life after the cremation has taken place, is becoming more popular for some of our members and clients. Where many families are living in more diverse locations, Cremation Without Ceremony gives everyone an option perhaps not previously considered.

Watch Kathy, one of our clients from Colwyn Bay tell us about her experience of arranging a Cremation Without a Ceremony for her mum.

To find out more, visit our Cremation Without Ceremony webpage.

Right by our members, colleagues and their families. #TheCoopWay

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  1. I fully support this initiative, I would not need or want an official ceremony – I’ve always intended for my ashes to be scattered in my rose garden behind the house I’ve lived in for the past 68 years, it means a great deal to my and my wife and would provide somewhere for my children and grandchildren to visit to pay their respects

  2. I always thought I’d have a lavish ceremony but life doesn’t always turn out as expected. I’m glad that Co-op’s looking after those of us who won’t be leaving a husband or kids behind. #Proudtobecoop

  3. This is great. I and my partner do not want a funeral service. Each to their own but I have always dreaded attending a formal service. Not everyone wants the traditional religious service followed by a wake.
    I am curious however as to why this costs £160 more in England and Wales compared to Scotland…! Not criticising, just interested to know.

    • Hi there. It’s Mark here, from the video. It’s to do with not paying Doctors fees I believe.

    • Thanks, Andrew. By introducing Cremation Without Ceremony we’re ensuring that we’re offering choices to families when the time comes to say goodbye.

      In answer to your question about the price difference, In England and Wales, there is a £164 cost for doctors to sign legal documentation required to cremate the person who’s passed away. However, if the coroner is involved, doctors are not required to sign these forms so we do not charge the client the £164 in England and Wales in that instance. This is not a legal requirement in Scotland so we don’t need to include that cost. Hope that clarifies things. Thanks, Ash

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