We’ve worked hard to improve the magazine based on customer research, including exciting new recipes that are bang on trend, sleek new page designs and a relentless focus on beautiful food. Our recipes and photography aim to create desirability and more reasons for customers to shop with Co-op.

We decided to give the mag a refresh to make sure we’re making the most of our products, giving customers the best ideas, and helping store colleagues engage with their customers in the best ways possible. Whether that’s sharing the news of our new look magazine or comparing your favourite recipes, we really want colleagues to use the new magazine to engage even further with their customers.

But we also wanted to drive the inspirational function of the magazine to better reflect what’s happening in food. To allow Co-op to standout, we asked our customers to validate our approach, a customer in one research group said “This looks beautiful […] the recipes are aimed at people like me”, and that’s an ethos we wanted to ramp up even more – amazing food, achievably produced using ingredients from your local Co-op.

The ultimate goal is to give readers inspirational content that encourages them into store and that helps to promote positive perceptions around the Co-op brand and our offers. And at the same time to support the brand values that we know customers feel strongly about – quality produce, ethical treatment of suppliers, local responsibility, making a difference.

Key features you’ll see from June:

  • News – tapping into trends/current thinking around food in a way that is inspiring but achievable. Sharing one ‘new’ product each month and the story behind it
  • Our first taste – seasonality with a twist. One ingredient, in this case strawberries, served up with a twist. Achievable recipes, each with their own wow factor, great for foodies (who knew you could roast strawberries?)
  • Quick and easy – delicious and on-trend recipes for your midweek meals. This works really well for the quick and easy customer segment who have pressures on time (work, family etc), but still want to eat well
  • A world of flavours – beautiful feasts for key customer food moments
  • Make a fiver go further – Focus bringing value to our customers
  • Meet the Producer – a new photography treatment will continue to build on the quality messaging, and now linked with a recipe
  • Co-op colleagues / ten minutes with – bringing personality to the brand by spotlighting a Co-op colleague, what they do for Co-op and what they’re passionate about.

Katie Young, Brand Manager, Food Marketing said:

The River Group have done a fantastic job as well as the wider team involved in the Co-op Food Magazine. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved. We knew the Co-op Food Magazine was well-loved by customers so wanted to keep the content fresh and competitive. From June onwards we’ll be focused on bringing people together to enjoy great food, and you’ll see this reflected in all our customer communications. I really hope our customers and colleagues enjoy reading the new Magazine.