There’s a lot of change happening in our Food business, and new technology and ways of working are already making life easier for colleagues.

Here Matthew Speight, Retail Support Centre Director, talks about the benefits of working as One Co-op and how our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition will make things better for everyone.


We know that not all colleagues can watch videos, so here’s a transcript.

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  1. That was a lot of words with no meaning. Being stronger isn’t a plan, its a given.

    Leading the Way is a euphemism for cutting jobs and we need to stop pretending that we are doing this for the stores and admit we want to get rid of staff because we can’t afford to pay the living wage to the current number of front line staff.

    The corporate mentality we have here is diluting whatever “Co-op difference” we used to have and I for one am getting a bit bored of the lip service we pay.

    • Hi Andy. It’s about making things easier in store for colleagues and improving the shopping experience for our members and customers. We’re moving with the times and investing in technology with money we’re saving from other areas of the organisation (mainly cutting duplication in the Support Centre). Thanks ^Rachel

  2. I hope “Making our organisation leaner” isn’t code for cutting more frontline staff.

    • Of course it is! Not much else left to cut now! BTW, I’m surprised your comment was published – the moderators of these pages don’t like negative comments.

    • Hi Bill. If you’ve read anything about our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition over the last couple of months you’ll have heard Steve Murrells talking about making things leaner in the Support Centre where there’s lots of duplication. Rachel

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