You may remember last month we said we wanted to give you the opportunity to share your views more regularly. So rather than an annual Talkback, we’ve moved to monthly, shorter Pulse surveys to get more timely feedback from our colleagues.

Each monthly Pulse survey will go to a representative sample of colleagues across the business – so don’t worry if you didn’t get one this month, you’ll get one in the coming months – and each quarter will have a different focus. By the end of the quarter we’ll have enough responses to give high level results for each business area or support function.

This quarter our focus is on one Co-op – a really important part of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition – and our people priorities of inclusion, wellbeing, recognition and performance.

I was really pleased to see that our overall engagement score remains stable at 76% (+1 since Talkback 2017).


  • You’re increasingly proud of and feel connected to our Co-op.
  • You believe in our products and services.
  • You said the Thank You for Being Co-op awards demonstrated how we’re recognising you more, but there’s still an opportunity to simply say thank you to each other more often.

Areas of focus

  • You’re less convinced that your leaders stimulate discussion and feedback. I know how important this is, so I’ve asked all our leaders to make sure they’re focused on this.
  • Some of you said you’ve experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination. We must make improvements here. Many organisations don’t ask about this in their colleague surveys, but we do because it’s so important. Our approach to bullying, harassment and discrimination is zero tolerance. If you’d like to find out more please read our bullying and harassment / respect policy.
  • We saw declines in questions about change involvement and teams working well together. We’re early in our one Co-op journey, which is all about how we succeed together as one organisation, but I’ve asked our leaders to be collaboration role models. Please do the same where you can – talk to other teams if it helps you deliver for our members and customers.

This is an encouraging set of results for our first Talkback Pulse, but there’s more we can do. Having results each month gives us a great opportunity to make changes to the things that matter to you more quickly than ever before.

The next survey opens on Wednesday 6 June – please keep your eye on your email to see if you’re part of the random sample of colleagues invited to take part.

Steve Murrells
Chief Executive

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  1. Another waste of time. When you have a meeting with the head of operations in your region and express concerns and nothing happens it certainly doesn’t make you think ‘oh I can’t wait to fill another talkback in’.

  2. I’m sorry but as soon as I see what are frankly evasive descriptors like “Some of you”, “we saw a decline in” , “you’re less convinced” and then aren’t given the option to quantify those statements by seeing the actual results I know you’re hiding things from me.

    And you are very convinced you know the reasons and the answers without further reflection or you know, maybe asking us what we think the solution might be? So we can see you really aren’t taking this very seriously.

    You’re not engaging us in a conversation between adults – this is a very parental approach which surely isn’t really appropriate in the 21st century.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Because this is a public website, there’s a limit to what hard data we can share here. Steve has shared the detailed question by question scores with all leaders and asked them to share with their teams. Please ask your manager about this. It’s a great point about engaging colleagues in a conversation about what the results are telling us. We’re about to launch a Colleague Voice forum with colleagues from across the country that will come together to discuss important topics like this, so we can provide more in depth insight on what the story behind the numbers is. We’ll let you know the full plan over the next few weeks. ^Laura

      • If the concern is this is a public site who made the decision to list it here instead of on the intranet?

        • Hi GI, the vast number of our frontline colleagues don’t have email addresses and therefore access to the Intranet due to the nature of their jobs, so we now do as much as possible on here so its accessible to all of our colleagues regardless of their role. ^Laura

          • Hi Co-op colleagues.

            The reason Colleagues don’t have email addresses is not “due to the nature of their jobs” it’s due to the decisions made by successive Co-op senior managers that they don’t deserve email addresses. It’s not an inevitable feature of working in retail – it’s a product of corporate decision making.

            Please don’t conflate the two things.

  3. “So rather than an annual Talkback, we’ve moved to monthly, shorter Pulse surveys to get more timely feedback from our colleagues.” – Does this mean there won’t be a Talkback survey this year? I’d be keen to get results at a lower level by area, will this this be made available?

    • I have already been told they are scrapping the standard “big” talkback. Not surprising as each year a major change is made to it so that it cant be compared with the year before. That way no one really can tell which areas area getting worse year by year.
      I can only hope this new version of talkback doesn’t place all the blame on staff with the usual management response of passing the buck back to the staff by claiming the issues can only be resolved by the people reporting them.

      • Hi Bob,
        Historically we’ve changed a few questions in Talkback each year to reflect what’s going on at the time, we’ve always been able to compare most questions and our overall engagement score to the previous year. We’re not doing a ‘big’ Talkback this year, but in response to colleague feedback asking for local insight, we’re looking at running our September Talkback Pulse surveys a bit differently so we can provide team level insight that we can compare to 2017. ^Laura

    • Hi GI,
      We’re not doing ‘big’ Talkback this year, but in response to colleague feedback asking for local insight, we’re currently looking at running our September Talkback Pulse surveys a bit differently so we can provide team level insight that we can compare to 2017.^Laura

      • Great, thank you.

        As a manager I think its really important that lower level results are circulated, as well as recurring questions so we can track results.


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