Debbie Aspery, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Specialist, from our Insurance digital team has been inspired by the work our local causes do and the amazing people behind them, people who truly do Bags More for their communities every day.

Keen to make these causes more widely known, inspire others to do their bit locally and bring our Bags More offer to life, Debbie went on a mission to find out what motivates and inspires these volunteers. Working with creative agency Delineo, seven films were created to encourage our followers on social media to think about what they could do in their communities.

“The work we do for our communities is something really special – the 1% our members give, every time they buy our own-branded products, means that since 2016 Co-op members have helped us raise an amazing £20million for local causes – this giving to great causes is at the heart of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition and a real Co-op difference” says Debbie.

“Meeting just a few of the people who make these causes successful was moving and has certainly encouraged me to think about what I can do too.”

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK to meet some of the volunteers and founders who support local causes, from the Forget me not Dementia charity in Aberdeen to Gables Farm Dogs and Cats home in Plymouth, Debbie found out more about the seven great causes and what motivated the people behind them to keep them running every day.

The videos created – part of the #BagsMore campaign – have been shared on social media for the last few weeks.  You can see one from the MindOut LGBTQ mental health charity here:

We know that not everyone can watch videos, but if you visit this site ( on your personal device you can watch them.

If you’ve been inspired by this video, or any that we’ve featured as part of the campaign, there’s lots you can do. We’ve been thinking about ways to help pass on the community spirit captured in these videos and encourage everyone to get involved with local causes or charities.

Why not have a go on our fun random act of kindness generator or read a blog to hear directly from some volunteers? Whilst you might not be ready to organise a dance or co-ordinate support sessions there’s some great suggestions as to what we can all do even with little time or limited budgets.

You can support causes and the people who do #BagsMore by simply scanning your membership card each time you buy Co-op own brand products. Our ‘choose your local cause’ campaign started last week so it’s a great time to go online and take your pick.

We can only share one video in this article, but there are six more to watch. Follow us on social media, using the handle ‘coopukinsurance’ on Facebook or Twitter to see the rest of the videos, or click the other lists in our YouTube playlist, once you’ve watched the above video. Follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with all the great content that Debbie and the team create.

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  1. It is a shame that the Mindout website is blocked by our IT systems. As a gay colleague, it would have been a great website to access myself, personally.

    • @Paul, I can access the website, which part of the business do you work? You are right, it is a useful website for colleagues so it shouldn’t be blocked to view.

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