You’ve told us that your online payslip in MyHR isn’t easy to understand and that it’s over too many pages, so we’ve made some changes to make it better.

On June pay day you’ll see a new simpler layout removing things you’ve said you don’t need to see and showing the things that you do, like your hourly rate and position.

We’re also working on simplifying the names of the payments and deductions on your payslip and how these are shown to you so that it’s easier to understand what you’ve been paid. This part is quite technical so it’ll be later in the year when we can change this.

We’ve also updated our colleague website to help you understand how pay works and what to do if you need help. Visit to find out more.

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  1. New wage slip looks great, much better. Nice job.

    Surprised to see the amount of ‘anonymous’ moaners we have working here, can’t please everyone

  2. Where’s my P60 information? The last few years it’s been posted to me. This year I phoned up my depot pay department and was told it should be on MyHR under My Documents, I’ve looked but it is empty.

    • Hi Steve, I just went in my own account to have a look. If you go into ‘Personal Information’ there are some grey icons on the left hand side. The bottom one should list all your payslips and also your P60. If yours isn’t there then contact HRSS on or 0330 606 1001 ^Laura

  3. What a difference. Thankyou. Much better and easier to understand.

  4. Am I right in saying that full holiday entitlement is now 32 days. If so it should be adjusted on pay slip and show accordingly.

    • Hi Jim, different contracts have different entitlements so you’ll need to check your contract, ask your Manager or contact HR Services if still unsure. HR Shared Services

  5. Please can you add year to date balances on pension contributions and AVCs. Many thanks.

    It would also be good practice and good PR to add Coop employer contributions and YTD balances of those too.

    • Hi Dave, all the Pensions information is held on
      HR Shared Services

      • I am unable to locate this information on the website. Please can you point me to precisely where I can look up the tax year to date information to say todays date i.e. including June deduction?.

        • Hi Dave, I suggest contacting the Pensions teams for more help with this query HR Shared Services

          • I have – pensions department confirm that the information I have set out is not available via the pension website and should be obtainable from my payslip. The payslips for April and May contain the year to date pension balances but the “improved” payslips omit this information. Please can the pension information be put back on the new payslips.

  6. would be really good to see hourly rate and salary, makes it easier when checking overtime

  7. I’ve just had a look at my new payslip. It’s 10x better than the previous ones, much easier to understand and much better for the additional salary and holiday information. Thank you HR.

    • Thanks for the feedback, we’re glad you like it. HR Shared Services

  8. The above article claims that the hourly rate is added to the payslip, it isn’t…!! How difficult can it be to add this information somewhere on the payslip or even anywhere in MYHR, it really isn’t rocket science…

    • Hi Hourly Rate…..AGAIN. You’ll either see your hourly rate in the top right if you’re a colleague who is paid hourly or your annual salary if you’re a salaried colleague. If you’re still struggling then please give HR Services a call. Just to note this will only be on the new payslip design and not any previous ones. HR Shared Services

      • That isn’t what your article states.! Why is it so difficult to add the hourly rate? I feel that this piece of information is critical especially if you have a query on pay / overtime and then need to work out your own hourly rate to dispute it.? Hourly rate should be included on payslips regardless of if you are paid hourly or on an annual salary. I’m not struggling with this I’m merely stating that it’s not there and it should be.

      • We definitely need to see our hourly rate, even if we’re on an annual salary. It used to be on our older payslips and it’s really helpful as we then know our correct hourly rate, especially for staff who struggle with maths. It’s important to know if you work any overtime, as you can’t tell if you’ve been paid correctly if you don’t know how much you should have been paid for that time. No one wants to be underpaid or overpaid and end up having to pay money back. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be a simple thing to add.

        • it IS on the new pay slips – top right hand side 3rd line down underneath NI Number

          • Hi, if you are hourly paid, it is. However, for salaried colleagues, it shows the annual salary. We need both.

  9. Hi, just looking at our new payslip – it says in the article we can see our hourly rate but we can’t.

    • Hi Jane. You’ll either see your hourly rate in the top right if you’re a colleague who is paid hourly or your annual salary if you’re a salaried colleague. If you’re still struggling then please give HR Services a call. Just to note this will only be on the new payslip design and not any previous ones. HR Shared Services

      • Hi HR Services, I am sorry I do not have time to call but the hourly rate is definitely not on this week’s payslip.

        • Hi, HR, just reread your reply….we need our hourly rate on the payslip regardless of who we are.

  10. Can’t get on to my payslip, have phone and still can’t

    • Hi Alyson. Go to and choose forgot password, your username is your employee number. If you don’t then get an email with a reset link then call 0330 606 1001 option 1 > option 2 for password reset and IT will help you get in to MyHR. HR Shared Services

  11. Eyes wide shut. You’re quite right. This all sounds like an avoidable own-goal mistake being belatedly corrected. A better -run project would have fixed it before it went live.

    I’d be more impressed by this news if you had indicated HR had an ongoing programme of continuous improvement with a target £m figure and that this fix was based of analysis of the reasons people were calling the contact centre and removing the biggest causes of calls. I’d like to think you were doing this after the millions of pounds that got spent on OneHR.

    But if you didn’t mention it, I guess you’re not.

  12. Can you put the pay period dates on it.
    Why in Funeralcare does the pay period differ from the on call pay period?

    • Hi Lorraine, we can’t fit all that information on there so we’ve created a new site you can get to from the payslip that has pay periods and other useful pay help on there. For your on call payments have to make their way to Payroll from your Timesheet system in Funeralcare which means these payments are always paid in arrears. Hope this helps. HR Shared Services

      • So is the on call paid in the same period as the wages then as all on call hours worked always go on the same time sheets

        • Hi Lorraine, if it goes on the same time sheet as other payments then it will get picked up at the same time as these are processed yes. HR Shared Services

  13. Much better layout but would be handy to have the hourly rate along with the balance of holidays like the old payslips

    • Hi Blinded by the Light. We have included these on the new design. You should see the hourly rate in the top right hand corner and the holiday balance on the bottom left hand side. If you’re a Food colleague you won’t see the new design payslip until tomorrow as these payslips are being uploaded at the moment. HR Shared Services

      • Excellent i can see the holiday balance but it just has salary in the top right and not hourly rate

        • If you’re a salaried colleague you’ll see salary and if you’re hourly paid then you’ll see an hourly rate. HR Shared Services

      • Well this is half correct, the holidays a there but no hourly rate!

  14. Could changes be made to reflect holiday taken being shown as well as holiday balance year to date

    • Hi Julie, thanks for the suggestion. We did explore this but it isn’t something currently possible. You can see your holiday balance and taken holidays in MyHR by clicking Time (click About Me first if you’re a manager) and then Manage Absence Records in the links on the right hand side. HR Shared Services

  15. This is much better! Glad that this has been changed.

    • Hi Vicky, great to hear that you like it! HR Shared Services

  16. Would have been fantastic if these were done before you rolled them out. How much input was there from colleagues across the business?

    • Hi Eyes Wide Shut. We’ve worked with colleagues and forums from across the business to get their input and suggestions for the new design. HR Shared Services

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