I’m Mariyam Siddique and I’m a Food store manager in Oakworth and also a Member Pioneer.

We’ve been encouraging more members to go online and choose a local cause to support with their 1%.

We’ve done a number of films featuring local causes and some of our colleagues to help spread the message. We shared a film about Active and Intouch last week.

OnTrak is one of my three local causes in Bradford and is featured in this film. It’s a really great place for young people in our local community to come together. It provides them with skills for life, emotional support, and supports those with disabilities.

NOTE: we know this video can’t be watched in store – but you can watch it from your own device, anytime, by searching for ‘Co-op’ on YouTube.

I was so happy when it was chosen to be filmed by Co-op for this campaign. They’re making a huge difference in the local community and it gives me huge pride that I work for an organisation that’s supporting local people.

It’s amazing how by members just buying Co-op own brand products and services and choosing a cause – it helps our wider community.

This local cause is one of my three in Bradford but all over the country there’ll be a deserving charity that’s close to your heart.

I’d encourage all colleagues to keep swiping their cards every time they buy own brand products and sign into their membership account to choose their cause.

Mariyam Siddique
Store manager and Member Pioneer