Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing some local cause films with you featuring our colleagues, members and their local causes.

They’re part of our campaign to encourage more members and colleagues to log into their membership account and choose the local cause that matters most to them in their community.

For a while now we’ve noticed that lots of colleagues aren’t going online and doing this.

In fact, since we launched our Local Community Fund in September 2016, only 16,000 colleagues have chosen their cause.

We’d love to know why you’re not choosing. It could be for a variety of reasons.

  • Maybe you’ve forgotten your membership login details? All you need to do is press the ‘forgotten password’ on the membership login page. Or if you’ve forgotten the email you registered with please call 0800 023 4708
  • Maybe some of you would like your 1% to be shared between all three – we have tested this on the membership website but only a small number of members wanted this functionality added. It’s something we’ll look at again in future

Remember that if you don’t want to choose the three local causes in your area, you have the choice of others 15 miles from where you live.

Whatever the reason, please tell us in the comments below.

We’re already creating stronger communities

We’ve helped more than 12,000 local causes since our Local Community Fund started.

Not only have our members given their 1%, our colleagues and Member Pioneers have built close relationships with our causes.

These relationships have helped us understand more about the challenges they face.

Last week we published a report on what we found out. It’ll help us improve how we support our local causes in future.

Check out our press release and the report for more information.

David Luckin
Community Insight & Propositions Lead

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  1. I have no reason to log into my membership account so I forget to do it. Can there be an option to select a cause when I’m swiping my card?

  2. All 3 are deserving causes so I would like my contribution to be split equally between them.

  3. There are very few of our coops close to where I live. I can select up to 15 miles but none of these causes are familiar to me. I cannot support the local causes were I work(my preferred option, as I shop in that store) as it is over 15 miles away. Why can’t I pick anywhere in the country. I think there are too many obstacles in the way & that’s why most colleagues don’t bother.

  4. For me personally I find it very hard to pick; any charity is deserving of funding and I don’t want to be the one who decides who gets it and who doesn’t.

  5. I think it is just the hassle, when I have no other reason to login to my membership account why would log in just to choose a cause (when I trust the co-op to have chosen a variety of worthwhile causes anyway) especially when there may be none that close to my heart (not saying they aren’t good causes, just not in the areas I actively choose to support).
    Why can’t we go for the model they have elsewhere and you choose a cause when you shop, either by putting a token in a box or even change the tills to have a “choose local cause” option when you scan your membership card.

  6. Hi, Would it be possible to have just the one Co-Op interactive payroll-number sign-in “app” similar to the SHIFTS one but that also has a menu button to go into “Choose a charity”, “Members Benefits”, “My Rota”, etc. etc. instead of separate sites with different login pages/passwords? Simplicity is the key factor.

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