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As part of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition, the Co-op Foundation has today announced a new £2 million partnership with Government, that will bring communities together and tackle youth loneliness.

A charity set up by the Co-op, the Foundation works with a network of local partners to strengthen communities across the UK.

Many of our members are already supporting ‘Belong’, the Foundation’s initiative to help young people beat loneliness, by choosing Co-op Foundation as their cause. This work will be extended further thanks to today’s funding boost.

You can read more in a blog which explains how the partnership will make a long-term impact for young people, by Jim Cooke, Head of the Co-op Foundation.

The £2 million Co-op Foundation funding is part of the wider Building Connections Fund, launched today by the Prime Minister,  which will tackle loneliness across all ages. This Government commitment directly responds to the recommendations of the Jo Cox Commission, which our Co-op played a key role in together with our partners the British Red Cross.

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  1. How much is the Co-op actually putting into this? This story says “The £2 million Co-op Foundation funding…” but in his blog Jim say £1m from the Co-op plus another £1m from the government.

    £1m from the Co-op is definitely something to shout about. But it feels like this article is written to mislead – or is it just sloppy copywriting?

    • Hi Tom, £1 million is government money, and the Co-op Foundation is matching this with £1 million of our own money, so we’ve created a total fund of £2 million to support organisations and projects helping young people feel better connected to each other and their communities. The Co-op Foundation will administrate the fund and make sure that new organisations that we support through this fund can benefit from all the learning that we’ve been building up from our network of Belong partners over the last year and a half. For more info on what we’re doing to tackle youth loneliness with our partners, you can have a look at our website:

  2. Whilst not a person who has earphones in all day or listens to music all day- I’m not quite sure what area you work in, however I rarely see any colleagues, to the point I felt uncomfortable putting an invite out for local drinks for my birthday. Lone working is hard, but if you signed the dotted line to lone work…. then you put up with it.

  3. I heard a survey on the radio this week claiming that 50% of office workers had no friends in the workplace and this was leading to loneliness in the office despite being surrounded by people

    The causes cited included increased use of e-mails and IM rather than meeting face to face and also the increasing number of people sitting all day with headphones or ear phones in, discouraging personal interaction

    Does the Co-op have any plans to combat the increasingly anti social use of headphones or earphones in the workplace?

    Should the Co-op tacitly encourage paid employees to spend their day curating their music collections or listening to the Archers instead of actually interacting with colleagues and working?

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