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As Steve Murrells said back in January, we need to invest to grow. That means becoming more efficient in how we work in the Support Centre.

One of the ways we’re doing this is through a new Co-op Service Centre (CSC) that will support all of our businesses.

It started by bringing together teams like HR and Finance Shared Services, operations stores support, Food customer care, and membership and Funeralcare contact centres.

It’s early days but we now have a CSC that helps customers, members, suppliers and colleagues, and works across our businesses. It’s a great example of working as One Co-op.

Teams now work Co-op-wide, so we have one team dealing with complaints rather than several.

We’re also improving the user experience by putting more processes online so that customers can self serve at a time that suits them. And by having this wider multi-skilled team, customers can speak to colleagues about different businesses.

We caught up with some colleagues in our Membership & Customer Contact team on how the new CSC ways of working are improving things for customers and colleagues:

NOTE: if you can’t watch this video where you are, then search for Co-op Colleagues on YouTube, or read the transcript.

Jane McCall
Co-op Service Centre (CSC) Programme Director


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  1. I work in supply chain on a helpdesk, is my team going to be moving. I know nothing about this? There are other colleagues who take phone calls are we all going to be moving. why no communication on this from our department.

    • Hi Mushroom. We’re not looking at this part of our business right now. Over the next 18 months, we’ll be working hard to find other opportunities to save money to invest across Co-op. If there are any changes in future, obviously all colleagues affected will be told about them. Jane McCall, Co-op Service Centre Programme Director

  2. Nice for the people involved – they do seem to feel a lot better about it all. Well done Co-op!

    It seems to be a situation where common sense has been allowed to be applied and organisational silos have been opened up, at least for the people in the photo.

    I thought this was going to be a huge state-of-the-art set up with cutting edge AI and lots of automation?

    Is that happening next year now then?

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