Co-operatives Fortnight started on 23 June and runs through to 7 July.

We’re celebrating with co-ops from around the UK and the world about what makes us different.

We’re different from other businesses because our Co-op is owned by individual members and other co-ops, not big investors, and our members get a chance to have a say in how we’re run.

As we all know, when we buy own-brand products and services from Co-op and use our membership card, we support local causes through our Local Community Fund.

And just by shopping and trading at Co-op we’re also helping other co-operatives build stronger communities across the UK and internationally. Both through our supply chain and through extending the eligibility of the Local Community Fund to include co-operatives.

I was lucky enough to be at the Co-operative Congress to kick things off on Saturday, and over the fortnight there are a few simple things you can do too to help us celebrate all things co-operative:

  • Like or share our Co-op social media adverts, posts and blog posts – you’ll find these on Colleague Facebook ( or Co-op Colleagues Twitter (@coopukcolleague)
  • Set up a local event – next week our colleague Martha will talk about how she’s doing just that
  • Join the Co-op credit union – which has been giving our Co-op colleagues an ethical and trusted way to save and borrow for 20 years
  • Share your own Co-op stories about what makes you proud to work for a co-op – use our hashtag #thecoopway and Co-operatives Fortnight’s hashtag #coopdifference

How we’re building stronger communities

One of the reasons I’m proud to work for our Co-op is the real difference we’re making every day in our communities.

I experienced this first hand recently when I visited Hulme Community Garden Centre – a co-operative and one of our local causes who received £3,000 last year from our Local Community Fund.

The money has helped them build a yurt where they can run skills and community-based activities, like toddler groups, all year round.  

Find out more in this video. Or read about what Rachel Summerscales, Hulme Community Garden Centre Manager, has to say.

If you can’t watch this video where you are, just search for Co-op Colleagues on YouTube or read the transcript.

Rebecca Birkbeck
Director of Community Engagement, Co-op

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  1. So nice to see alocal class of primary school children in my local coop excitingly choosing their friut and cold drinks for their morning walk .they were carefully guided past the tempting display of football snacks by their long suffering minders, but they all went on their way happyknowing that the coop gives them best deals

  2. As Alex says we have two great Credit Unions offering colleagues co-operative loans and saving options- Value Credit Union and Co-op Credit Union

    It is also worth looking at our member e-mail that came out on Monday highlighting five things you may not know about our Co-op, which is another way of us sharing #coopdifference with our members.

  3. Colleagues shouldn’t forget that they can also join Value Credit Union who have also been supporting Co-op colleagues with saving and borrowing for many years.

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