Saleem Chowdhery, Director of Internal Audit and Co-op Foundation Trustee

I’m proud to announce that Co-op’s Internal Audit team has helped raise more than £2,000 for Co-op Foundation, after organising a sponsored 12-hour fast for colleagues for Ramadan.

It was an idea that started with a conversation between team members Sheila Horrocks and Tahira Jabeen – and then, well, it went viral!

Forty colleagues from across Co-op joined in with our fundraising idea and, after setting a modest £250 target, we’ve actually raised almost eight times that already.

This was my first ever fast and, I have to admit, it was much harder than I expected. The most difficult bit for me was not being able to have a brew after a meeting and I also found it hard to eat again once the fast was over. I knew I needed something but I just wasn’t hungry.

I’m sure I speak for everyone who took part when I say what an eye-opener it’s been. I now have a much greater appreciation of how difficult fasting is – even for one day – and I’m happy that I will now be more able to support colleagues who fast in the future.

It was also wonderful to raise money for Co-op Foundation, which is working hard to tackle youth loneliness and support disadvantaged communities all over the UK.

It’s a great cause and I really enjoyed meeting Jim, Head of the Foundation, and Hamza, who has benefited from foundation funding, at an Eid celebration lunch last week.

Eid celebration

Hamza has a really inspirational story and you can read all about how his life has changed thanks to the Heard Not Hidden project for deaf young people in this blog.

Thank you to all colleagues who joined in with the sponsored fast in aid of Co-op Foundation.

And remember, you can choose them as your local cause by logging into your membership account.

Kasim Rajput
Senior Business Auditor
Internal Audit

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  1. Really enjoyed taking part and so pleased it spread to a bigger outcome. I ended up doing 22 hours due to not having dinner the night before and having to fast from 6am-6pm due to a prior commitment in the evening – not well planned on my behalf but the “break the fast” kit helped hugely afterwards! Having heard from Saleem recently about what the Co-op Foundation is and does I’m really proud to have taken part and encourage people to find out more about the Co-op Foundation plus did you know you can select them as your 1% cause.

  2. I’m really pleased it went that well…a number of colleagues in our team expressed interest in the fasting process and in fact our Head of the dept actually partook in the fasting. Well done Justin Johnston! I can safely say (from a distance at the time!!) that by 5pm he was grumpy but he was also appreciative of the efforts people put into fasting for a whole month and the actual essence of showing humility and the message of empathy for our fellow human beings around the world who are less fortunate than us.

    Best wishes and well done Kasim for an excellent campaign for Co-op Foundation 🙂

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