Graphic showing 5 aims: Involved members, happy customers, active communities, thriving partners and proud colleagues

Our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities circle with Ways of Being around the edgeColleagues on Facebook and Twitter have been sharing their thoughts on what the individual aims within our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition circle mean to them. But what do you think they mean? What would like to see happening as we deliver our five year ambition? Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

Here’s a selection of what your colleagues have already been saying on our Facebook page:

Involved members:

Kat Rose summed it up as having a variety of ways to engage with Co-op that fit with members’ lifestyles. James Oliver sees our members influencing and shaping the products and services they buy from us. And Paul Gerrard would like to think that our members will campaign alongside us.

Happy customers:

Kim Newbrook has inspired other colleagues to pop by her store as she talks about treating customers as individuals, treating them kindly and just simply offering great customer service. Debbie Williams echoes others’ comments about really listening to customers. And Sally Blakeman recognises that for some customers, the contact with colleagues may be the only conversation they have.

Active communities:

Ruth Laugharne commented on how spending time getting to know your community is priceless. Rezaul Pervej Tutul highlights how involvement and engagement are key. And Barbara Chapman said that this means helping and doing things for the community that benefits the community.

Thriving partners:

Sue Tunmore talks about treating partners well and enabling them to thrive. Gill Gardner sees that it’s important that partners always get a fair share. And Rachel Woodman says that partners will want to work with us because we’ll create shared value for each other.

Proud colleagues:

Irene Vance loves her job and promotes Co-op products everyday. Madeleine Bowers says it’s about serving all our customers with a smile. Sandra Mitchell Mills expresses her pride by doing what matters most – in her case, jumping on the till if there’s a queue even if she’s just in store doing her own shopping. And finally, on Twitter, Kev Tilburn mentioned how it’s about face-insta-tweeting about all the great things we do.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the conversation on Colleague Facebook and Colleague Twitter – but what do you think these aims mean for our ambition?