You’ve told us you want more ways to have your say, more often. So today we launched our new Colleague Voice Forum.

The Colleague Voice Forum is a group of 35 colleagues from all across Co-op in all different types of role, who meet quarterly to develop new colleague initiatives.

We’ve been running a small pilot over the last 12 months and the group has already played a part in developing the Thank You for Being Co-op recognition scheme, the new style wage slips and improving our performance process.

35 colleagues out of 60,000 may seem like a small number, but they’re supported by local networks in each business to make sure they represent the views of colleagues in their area. They also work hand-in-hand with existing listening groups across Co-op.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at what our Colleague Voice representatives had to say: 

*We know colleagues in stores can’t watch videos, so there’s a transcript too**

If you’d like more information about how Colleague Voice works and how you can get involved, there’s more information on the colleague site

Helen Webb
Chief People Officer

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  1. I do wonder about the current format for these posts. Since it turned into a blog style layout I have noticed moderation has gotten much more severe.
    Despite the policy stating: “Colleagues are encouraged to participate in open, honest and transparent internal dialogue through the Co-op Intranet. Although healthy debate and free speech is encouraged internally, it is important to engage in a respectful and professional manner.”
    I also noticed that since this change a method to request the reason for refused comments no longer exists. While moderation is an important tool, It feels to me that management may no longer be able to take the pulse on any topics as they are being sanitised of any different opinions and views.

    • Hi Bob. I missed your last comment. Have approved it now so it’s there. Thanks ^Rachel

    • @BOB. I totally agree, I had a previous comment awaiting moderation for about a week. Then I got a phone call to discuss the issues that I raised, which was good. However the comment has now disappeared. So there you go. Shame really.

    • I’ve found this too. Made a comment around outsourcing and stronger communities and had no response and it was never published

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