Stronger Co-op, Stronger communities ambition circle graphic, alongside screen shpt of the Q2 2018 update doc

Here’s the first of our new quarterly updates for everyone across Co-op.

Please use this to talk among your teams about how we’re doing across our Co-op and how your work is helping us achieve our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition. The update includes a short video explaining what our ambition means in practice.

We’ve had a great start to 2018 – our hard work has been helped along by the sunshine and football. However, our competition remains as fierce as ever so we need to keep focused in order to achieve our goals.

Thank you for the amazing work you’re doing, I hope you find this update useful.


[Note: here is the transcript to the video explaining our ambition referred to above]

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  1. I’ve recently returned after 12 months Mat Leave and am getting up to speed with what’s changed in my absence – quite a lot apparently! Although I couldn’t get the video to work, this is a great update and I’m so excited to be back on-board with so many fantastic things happening. It really feels like we’re really to address some of the historic issues that have held us back and are looking to the future to see how we can really make a strong and enduring Co-op. Love it!

  2. Really like the clear simplicity of the message. If we all thought of the money we spend as our own we’d be a lot more careful with it – that applies to all levels of colleague across the organisation. Nicely done team.

  3. Hi there

    I work in Miller Street for the Insurance business. I am not able to get the link to the quarterly update to work, and my colleagues have reported the same issue. Please could you have a look into this. Thank you.

  4. Good to hear we’re on the up but I would like to know if some more money is getting put back into the store’s to stop one on one working as it is a H&S issue? It’s good that we are getting new equipment to make our jobs easier but then you take hours away from our stores

  5. Love the video on Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities as it sets out very well what we are aiming to achieve with Fuel for Growth. Great to discuss with our teams, what we do that contributes to our ambition and explore what else we can do towards it.

  6. This new Quarterly update format looks really good. Very clear and informative. A bit more info on key commercial figs would be useful (doesn’t need to be comprehensive). Keep it up.

  7. Great way of communicating, easy to understand information and broken down into bite size chunks, long may it continue.

  8. This is a great update, thank you.
    However, can you kindly clarify a couple of points:
    1. The Co-op Way report stated that we are aligning our work to the UN17 SDGs. There is no direct mention to these goals in the text although clearly the work on plastic recycling and elimination and our community work is part of this. Will there be a Sustainability section in the next and subsequent editions?
    2. Great news on sales and cost control. However, how well are we doing against our budget. The headline figures lead me to believe that we are well ahead of forecast and that the bonus is easily achievable if we carry on as we are but without a full P&L picture it is hard to tell. Are there any areas of spend that we really need to focus on?

    • Thanks Mark. Our interim and annual results (September and April) delve more into the details and the figures. In terms of spend, we all need to focus on our spend we can control to make sure we spend members’ money better as part of our Fuel for Growth work so we can invest in our ambition. ^Kevin

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