Back in March we said we’d update you when the process for EU citizens to apply for settled status in the UK became clearer.

The Immigration Minister has now announced the Government’s plans, so that EU citizens will be able to apply in three easy steps for less than the price of a passport.

Applicants will just need to prove their identity, show they live in the UK and declare they have no serious criminal convictions. It’s proposed that an application will cost £65 and £32.50 for a child under 16. For those who already have permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain, they’ll be able to exchange it for settled status for free.

Applicants who haven’t yet lived in the UK for five years, will be granted pre-settled status and be able to apply for settled status once they reach the five-year point. From April 2019 this second stage will be free of charge.

The settlement scheme will open in a phased way from later this year and be fully open by 30 March 2019. The deadline for applications will be 30 June 2021.

More details on how EU citizens and their families can get settled status in the UK can be found on the website.

We’ve also updated our frequently asked questions, but if you’ve got any specific questions, please call HR Services on 0330 606 1001. Alternatively you can call Lifeworks, our Employee Assistance provider, on 0800 069 8854.

Helen Webb
Chief People Officer

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  1. It’s good that Co-op is providing updates for colleagues on this subject.
    The process of applying for settled status looks straightforward on the paper and the cost isn’t too high.
    Hopefully, when the scheme is open next year, the details of a matter won’t be too problematic.

  2. It would be great if Coop could fund the cost of these applications for colleagues.

  3. Is this information purely for Coop colleagues or can I share this .

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