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The Co-op Foundation is Co-op’s own charity. But what do we mean by that?

It’s partly about how we’re run. The Trustees who oversee our work include Co-op leaders, Council members and independent experts who Co-op recruits for their specialist charity knowledge.

We also benefit from the support of many other Co-op colleagues, who volunteer in our community projects or raise funds for our work.

Supporting causes

It’s also about how we extend Co-op’s impact on the causes that matter to members – whether that’s by tackling loneliness through our youth programme, Belong, or helping one of our local causes, Hulme Community Garden Centre, to grow as a sustainable co-operative business.

But important as these links to Co-op are, our Co-op difference is about more than this. It’s about how we put co-operative values into action through the way we work – and the difference this makes in communities.

Values in action

To help explain this, last week we launched our new interactive #ValuesInAction graphic. We developed this in partnership with Co-operatives UK, and published it as part of Co-operatives Fortnight 2018 – which was all about celebrating the co-operative difference.

Click on the icons to explore each of our values. These are the same international co-operative values that unite millions of co-ops worldwide. You can read the specific commitments we’ve made about each of them, and see real examples of the difference they make to communities throughout the UK.

The graphic also links to our series of blogs, which looked at the values in more depth. Didn’t receive them? Subscribe to the Co-op Foundation blog today to get updates on our work straight to your inbox.

Jim Cooke
Head of Co-op Foundation

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  1. My son recently performed at the Royal Exchange theatre as part of an initiative to encourage special needs children to act/perform/get involved in stage productions. I didn’t realise it was sponsored by Co-op Foundation until I was actually at the event itself!
    I’ve seen first hand the benefits and the improvement in confidence as well as giving these kids a chance to perform on stage in front of an audience and express themselves – it really was great to see.
    Thanks for getting behind this, it is really making a difference.

  2. The links on this page to the foundation site will not work in store as they have not been whitelisted – might be worth getting somebody to sort that out!

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