While the temperature continued to soar our PR and Delicious Food teams did a fantastic job of delivering some Christmas cheer last week when they invited key journalists to Carousel Next Door in London for our annual Christmas press event.

The Food PR team explained:

We know that July seems really early to start talking about Christmas but it’s a key time of year for us to talk to journalists. The magazines they write for are planned months in advance and it’s really important to us that we get the best possible chance to have our products reviewed and featured. We had over 100 visitors this year from major newspapers and magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Daily Mail, BBC Good Food, Sun Online and number of broadcast producers came along too.

It was a great opportunity for our product developers to chat to so many journalists about our products and about our commitments to 100% and about our increased focus on Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free ranges.

Emily McIlhinney, Senior Product Developer told us:

We’ve got some great new products for Christmas this year. Lots of new flavours that we’re excited about and we’ve introduced a splash of colour aimed at banishing the traditional ‘beige buffet’ at Christmas time.

We’ll bring you more news about the great products that we’ll be delighting our customers with on the run up to Christmas.

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  1. fingers crossed on the vegan offering – the big 4 are well ahead on this for ready meals/frozen offer

  2. why cant we know about our great products now? maybe even submit proposed pre orders for our stores to help buyers consider volumes and not disappoint our customers? we are told managers are the most important people in the business so please give us some autonomy ???

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