At Co-op we’re committed to supporting the wellbeing of all of our colleagues. Lifeworks and Neyber are just a couple of examples of how we’re doing this, but we know there’s more we can do and we want your feedback to help us understand what matters to you.

To help us do this we’re taking part in Britain’s Healthiest Workplace, run by VitalityHealth in association with the University of Cambridge, which is one of the largest employee health and wellbeing surveys in the UK.

The survey will help us understand the different needs of our colleagues and help us shape our future colleague support and benefits package.

The survey is optional, but we’d like as many colleagues as possible to take part. It’s open until 31 July 2018 and will take around 20 minutes to complete. Its an external survey, so if it doesn’t work on your work computer, it should work on a personal device.

If you take part you’ll be emailed a personal health report outlining your Vitality age, key lifestyle and health risks, and advice on how to make improvements. The results will be sent back to us on an anonymous basis, so we can use the themes in our wellbeing approach.

Take the survey

You can find some more information online.

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  1. Any manager that’s interested in helping colleagues with their mental well-being might like to have a look at this short online course from the Open University

  2. I’ve been told I can’t use surveys in my work anymore “because of GDPR” but here you’re asking us all to take part in a huge survey?

  3. This survey probably benefits Vitality health, the people who are running it, more than anything else.

    They’re collecting detailed health data (it takes 30 mins to complete) from thousands of people. That’s a valuable resource for and we’re giving it away for free.

    By contrast in Switzerland there is a Co-operative that has been set up for people to take control and benefit from their health data – .

  4. Brilliant, Once again food colleagues are not trusted to take part!

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    You are currently restricted to a list of approved sites. The requested site is not on that list.

    URL: =manchester&pc=0&DumVA=1&DumCompType=0

    • Hi The Oracle,
      If you’re keen to do it, try it on another device as it should work. Alternatively, you could ask IT to help with your device configuration as someone has mentioned below. ^Laura

  5. Amazingly I can connect via Insurance Network using remote login and both links are valid.

    Error message for those with problems suggest a configuration problem with the device you are using or a local network problem – not a website problem or failure.

    Have raised with IT Help desk to rectify these issues for yourselves?

  6. Both links work fine for me!

  7. “The link YOUR tried is invalid”. Oh dear.

  8. The two links come up as faulty!

  9. Hi The link does not work in 1 Angel Square.

  10. I’ve just tried the survey link and it says its invalid.


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