Claire Clews and Kirsty Bruce from the Leadership, Talent and Learning Team (LTL) received a royal welcome at the Garden Party at Holyrood Palace for their work transforming the training experience for volunteers.

In 2016 the LTL team partnered with the Co-op Foundation and Volunteering Matters, the leading UK volunteering charity, and introduced the ‘The LTL Community Skill Share Programme’.

It gave the team an opportunity to share their specific skills within their local communities to make a real difference to people’s lives whilst embracing a great personal development opportunity. The programme has received national recognition and was a proud finalist in the CIPD 2016 Awards.

Every year volunteering organisations are asked if there’s anyone they’d like to nominate for the Royal Garden Party to recognise individuals who’ve created a lasting impact on their community.

This year ‘Volunteering Matters’ nominated Claire Clews and Kirsty Bruce, both Learning Facilitators, in recognition of the fabulous work they did through the ‘Community Skill Share Programme’ with their local charity, ‘Start-Up Stirling’, a non-profit organisation focussed on relieving poverty, suffering and distress for people in crisis across Stirlingshire.

Kirsty and Claire’s work is a great testament to how the LTL team have extended their skills through the programme. They helped develop a series of online training modules for ‘Start-Up Stirling’, which freed up a lot of resources needed to prepare their volunteers for the tasks they’d be undertaking. They really put their skills to fantastic use.

Kirsty told us about their unique day meeting royalty and celebrities:

We were honoured to be invited in recognition of our volunteering work. Some memorable moments included seeing Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Andrew as well as various famous athletes, actors and to hear other people’s stories too.
“We’re so proud to have supported ‘Start-Up Stirling’, an amazing charity that serves more than 100,000 meals every year to 2000 people in need.  We couldn’t be happier that our work has been so well received”.

Claire added:

As you’d expect, we were very humbled to be attending such an event and the general atmosphere was surreal, with everyone feeling immensely proud. If this wasn’t enough the live music from the military band and offer of high tea in the marquee further added to the unforgettable event”.

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Our charity, the Co-op Foundation, offers a range of volunteering opportunities. If you’re interested in using your skills to help your community, email to find out about ways you can get involved.
Image: Claire Clews pictures (left) and Kirsty Bruce pictured (right)

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  1. Great recognition for an amazing achievement, well done to you both

  2. Fantastic photos & story recognising your achievement Claire & Kirsty. I am very proud of you both, well done …. Helen

    • Amazing achievement ladies you’ve done yourselves and The Coop proud .

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