It’s always a really exciting time for me when we reveal our safest used car. It’s something we’ve been doing at Co-op Insurance for the last three years and is a really important part of the work we are doing to make communities safer.

We know that more people are now buying used cars than new ones, and that there are loads of factors to take into consideration when picking a new car. We want to put safety at the top of the agenda, to make our roads and the people on them as safe as possible.

Three years ago we started working in partnership with Thatcham Research (who review the cars) and Brake (a road safety charity), testing used cars so we could raise awareness of the safest ones.

This year we’ve revealed the Safest Used Car for first time parents. The Mazda CX-5 claimed the top spot with Volkswagen Touran, BMW 2 series Active Tourer, Nissan Qashqai and the Toyota RAV-4 coming in the top 5.

Each year we pick a group of people – last year it was young drivers – identifying their needs and budget when buying a car and then Thatcham Research test cars that fall into these categories.

The conversation about which group to feature is always an interesting one and this year was no different, when we saw the stats – that 60% of parents buy a new car before a child is born, and that one of the top reasons or this is safety we knew that this was a group of people who’d find our research really valuable.

When we read that 41% of people rated the first journey back from the hospital with a new baby as the most frightening they’d ever take, more scary than taking a driving test or driving to your wedding we knew that this was the right choice.

Given that safety is a top priority for new parents, we decided to dig a bit deeper and asked 2,000 parents whether they think the safety of a car should be discussed more during the buying process.

75% of parents want to be better informed of a vehicles safety rating and feel so strongly about this that  they think it should be made law for a vehicles safety rating to be talked about during the car sales process – and I agree.

Over the last week, I’ve been getting out and about to spread the word – I was excited to go down to London and do a series of radio interviews. It was great to meet and do my interviews alongside Vicki Butler-Henderson, presenter of Fifth Gear and all round motor expert. Vicki is passionate about this and provided her expert opinion.

I was terrified before the first interview – I’d not been on the radio for a while – but it was great to get airtime on this important topic.

As well as getting airtime on radio stations including Key 103 and Capital, our research has been shown in over 200 publications online and offline which reach 156 million people every month.

I’m really happy that our message about putting car safety at the heart of the buying process is reaching so many people. I’d love to hear what you think – why not comment below with your thoughts?

Nick Ansley
Motor Insurance Product Manager

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  1. This is a great survey and something which resonates with our own experience bringing our babies home for the first time. We have owned a few Mazda cars over the years and last one was a CX-5, it was a great car. I would have another one but unfortunately it is not available on the Co-op car list for drivers who drive for work, it seems only fitting that this is reviewed in future given the result of this survey.

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