I’m Jasmine Joynt, a Customer Service Practitioner Apprentice, working as a Sales and Service Advisor in Insurance.

I’m really proud to have been awarded the Outstanding Intermediate Apprentice of the Year at the RateMyApprenticeship awards.

When I started my apprenticeship, I was 16. My school was a Co-op Academy and I’ve grown up with the Co-op values and principles as part of my education. I knew that I wanted to continue my education in a practical way and when Co-op visited my school to talk about apprenticeships I was excited about working in an organisation I can relate to.

The prospect of going from school to full-time work with hundreds of new colleagues who might be a lot older than me was daunting but I didn’t let my age hold me back. I was surprised at how quickly I felt part of the team.

My confidence grew and I started getting lots of good feedback about my customer service skills and the way I was becoming an efficient administrator and meeting my targets.

You might recognise my picture as I’ve previously featured in a colleague story for the work I did on the ‘Day in the Life of an Apprentice’ video.

Jasmine with her award

This was one of the reasons I was nominated for the award. When myself and the other apprentices were invited to talk to Pippa Wicks, Co-op Deputy Chief Exec, and Mark Summerfield, Chief Exec of Insurance, to give feedback and help improve the apprentice programme, I had loads of ideas.

I went away and produced a report for senior leaders about what could be done better and included some of my suggestions on how to promote this apprenticeship programme in future. This included things like using social media in different ways, having the apprentices visit the academies and creating the video which was then shared.

I was really pleased to hear that Steve Murrells sees Co-op Academies and the apprenticeship programme as a key part of the Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition. I totally agree that increasing the number of Co-op academies and apprentices is a great thing for our Co-op and local communities. I hope my ideas and work will help make this happen.

It was great just to be nominated for this award. I enjoy my job and feeling that my ideas and suggestions are being used to make the business and our apprenticeship programme better. Winning the award and being recognised for this is amazing.

Looking to the future, I’m keen to keep developing myself and my skills – looking for ways to get involved and make things better. I can’t wait to see what my future at Co-op holds.

I’d definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to gain new skills. Keep an eye on jobs.coop.co.uk as when apprentice positions come up they are advertised here.

Jasmine Joynt
Outstanding Intermediate Apprentice of the Year