Colleague Sam Peake at Latitude Festival

Sam Peake, Store Colleague of the Year in the #BeingCoop awards, chose a VIP pass to Latitude Festival as part of her prize.

Last week we also shared Co-op Magic award winner Michelle Benton’s blog post about her tour of the Coronation Street set.

I’m so thankful to Co-op for giving me the opportunity to experience Latitude – it was stunning.

A beautiful setting in Henham Park, Suffolk where people of all ages came together to enjoy a variety of music. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Our on-site Co-op store

While I was there I had the pleasure of using Co-op’s pop-up store. What an experience that was!

The colleagues working there were all simply amazing – dancing, singing, always having an upbeat attitude.

From what I saw customers loved it. Many people have gone on Twitter and said it was the best thing about the whole festival. Amazingly I got to join in with some classic YMCA dancing down the aisles.

Latitude Co-op

Co-op pop-up store in Latitude

The Co-op products on offer were just what everyone needed. I popped in a few times for a top up of burgers and bacon. As much as the food on offer at the festival was super delicious, it was costly, so it was nice to have the choice of cooking for ourselves. I also bought some sun cream as I’d forgotten to pack it. The weather was glorious so this was a must.

Secret set

The Killers headlined and put on a fantastic show. I also saw Wolf Alice, The Vaccines, James (they didn’t ‘sit down’ but his set was brilliant), Rag n Bone Man, The Charlatans, Belle and Sebastian and loads more artists.

The cherry on top of the cake was a secret set from Liam Gallagher in the BBC tent. Being of the Oasis era this was right up my street.

Sam Peake at Latitude Festival

An unforgettable experience

Co-op put us up in the guest campsite where the bands, friends and family were staying. So we were very close to the action. We were also given a tent and airbeds. One of which made a brilliant lilo when we visited the sunny beach of Southwold on our way home.

I had an unforgettable experience at Latitude Festival courtesy of Co-op and am truly thankful.

The whole experience of winning a #BeingCoop award has been thrilling – from learning I was nominated right through to writing this blog post.

I’m now looking forward to being part of the Reading festival crew where I’ll be working myself in the pop-up store there.

Sam Peake
Store Colleague of the Year

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  1. Sam, See you at reading.


  2. So now you get to work at Reading Sam. Now the fun really begins. You will love it and I understand you are going to do a VLOG (whatever on of those is!).

  3. Can I book myself for the reading festival? Dipak

    • Hi Dipak,

      Thanks for showing an interest in working at Reading, unfortunately the competition to fill the places has now closed. Please keep an eye out for any announcements re festivals or any other similar opportunities in the future.

  4. The Co-op Pop up shop was great! I was lucky to win a pair of tickets through the Co-op Colleagues FB page to Latitude. We went to this shop a few times and I totally agree with what Sam said regarding the choice of being able to buy and cook Co-op products from the shop compared to buying overpriced festival food from the stalls……
    It was also great seeing hundreds of people walking around with Co-op bags. I certainly feel the crowd of people over the weekend was very impressed with the Co-op shop at Latitude!

  5. How do we get to participate in 2019’s festivals? Can HO staff take part?

    • Hi Melanie. I’ll chat with our Food team and get back to you on that. ^Rachel

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ll let all colleagues know about upcoming opportunities as soon as they’re available – most likely you’ll find out through the colleague site or 1AS bulletins.

      And 1AS colleagues are as welcome as anyone else in the business; one of the best things about our festival stores has been seeing people from across Co-op Food coming together, making new friends and gaining a wider understanding of how we operate.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Some more pictures of the popup shop?

    • Hi Steve. Sam provided these images herself and was too busy dancing to take photos of the pop-up shop! I’ve added some more images to the blog post. ^Rachel

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