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We’re making it even easier for you to say thank you wherever you are to any colleague across Co-op.

By visiting colleagues can:

  • Say thank you digitally using email cards and certificates
  • Share your #BeingCoop stories to appear on our Wall of Fame and on our social media channels

What we’ve done already

We want to encourage colleagues to say thank you to each other every single day for living our Ways of Being Co-op and for doing a great job.

At the start of the year we gave out 325 Everyday thank you boxes across the business. It’s been great to see colleagues using the cards, gift tags and selfie frames to say thank you, and sharing their stories on social media using #BeingCoop.

Please carry on doing this as well as using our new email cards and certificates. You’ll also be able to order more items for the boxes from your own budget by emailing If you work in a Food store please speak to your area manager.

Find out in this video why myself and members of the Exec think saying thank you is so important.

NOTE: we know videos can’t be watched in store – but you can watch them from your own device, anytime, by searching for ‘Co-op Colleagues’ on YouTube. Or look at this transcript.

#BeingCoop Awards 2019

After the success of the Thank You for Being Co-op Awards 2018, we’re bringing them back next year with an improved (and easier to say/remember) title: #BeingCoop Awards.

Please look out for more communications early next year on how to nominate.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can recognise colleagues better at Co-op please email

Thank you

Helen Webb
Chief People Officer

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  1. I work in a food store and have never heard about these boxes. Mind you there are quite a few things we haven’t been there informed of which I’ve read on this site .

  2. I too have a collection of thank you letters and notes I’ve had from colleagues. They’re in my memento box next to the redundancy notices and the sorry you’re leaving cards.

    There is a place for a thank you card and an appreciative note but I get more satisfaction from knowing I work from someone who knows their stuff and where I’m not going to end up under the wheels of the bus if things get sticky.

    I value competence in the hierarchy above me more than I value their congratulations.

  3. Im not sure about all this, sometimes just a thank you in person would be nice, I do it for my teams but cant remember my line manager ever saying it too me.

    Maybe I am just not good enough.

  4. Love the video. Nice to see our Exec sharing personal insights – and get a sneak peak behind the scenes of filming.

  5. Can you access this on the back office computer in a food store?

  6. I’m glad there is another article mentioning the thank you boxes previously provided and advocating their use. Was worried we were running two separate recognition processes which weren’t aligned.

    • Hi Thank You x 2. No just the one! We wanted to make it easy for all colleagues to say thank you. Being able to send digital cards and certificates means you can say thank you to colleagues from all over the business. But the everyday thank you boxes are as important. They give people different options. ^Rachel

  7. is this just for food stores?

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