Our retail trailblazer programme of Food Level 2 Retail Apprenticeships is
designed to set you up for success, and propel you into the world of retail.
Team Leader, Daniel Hooper, told us what to expect.

I’m Daniel Hooper, a Team Leader at our Petrol Bovey Tracey store in Devon.
I’ve recently finished my Food Level 2 Retail Apprenticeship and I’m very pleased to say I’ve passed and I’m now a Team Leader – having been promoted from CTM.

It was fun and I’m now so much more knowledgeable about how we manage our stores. If I’m honest, I didn’t really know what to expect when I started my apprenticeship, so it’s good to talk about it and share my learnings. Hopefully I can encourage some of our budding future Team Leaders out there to seriously think about what it could do for them.

Go into it with your eyes wide open

I’d been looking at what options I had to progress and had a chat with Tom (my boss) about what an apprenticeship could do for my career and I’ll be honest, we looked at how I could eventually earn a higher wage too. Let’s not shy away from that – career progression isn’t just about skills and doing new things, it can also be a route to getting more financially secure.

You’ve got to consider your own personal priorities and really think about what’ll work for you. I needed to hold down a job as well as studying and the apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to do that around my lifestyle.

What to expect

Of course lots of what you’ll learn is about running a successful store and how you can better contribute to our business and our communities.

You’ll complete 11 core modules in total using your eight learning hours per week and there are lots of workbooks which walk you through these. They cover everything from how specific departments in store operate, insight into some of the products we stock, why we stock-up our shelves the way we do, as well as ideas to support local social initiatives.

The knowledge I got was second to none. The effort Co-op’s put into the programme is fantastic – particularly investing in the external learning coaches. My coach, Craig (who I’ve just got to mention), was amazing! It was also good to meet other colleagues on the same course and there were groups set up on social media if you wanted to keep in touch.

Making it work for you

I work in a petrol site so you can image it’s pretty full-on most of the day across fuel and food sales. I had to sit down with my boss to look at my shifts and work out how to better schedule my work hours to get enough quality time to finish my training modules.

The modules themselves weren’t hard. You’ll probably find some parts easier than others, plus remember that everyone learns differently. I loved the stuff around behaviours – I really thrive on that type of thing and found it really easy. Where I did find it bit of a challenge was navigating my way through some of the chunky reading materials – sometimes we do use big words and sentences for things but I got there in the end!

Daniel Hooper
Team Leader – Petrol Bovey Tracey store
If you think an apprenticeship is for you, check out our Apprenticeship pages. Applications for our Level 2 Retail Apprenticeship programme (aimed at CTMs and external audiences who meet the criteria) are open 30 July until 23 August.

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  1. It is a real shame, as I have discovered, that this is only available in a few select stores and is not open to all colleagues in every store as we would be lead to believe. A step in the right direction but an opportunity missed to make a real impact in growing strength from within

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