In the last few days our new colleague website has gone live. There’s lots more work to do before we launch it in the Autumn, but we’d like your feedback now to help us make improvements and changes.

It will be the one place to find information you need as a colleague, 24/7 on any device. Everything from pay, terms and conditions and grievance procedures, to wellbeing policies and colleague benefits. You can also read and comment on news and stories about what’s happening across our Co-op.

We’ve built the site to make life easier for all our colleagues. We have around 70,000 colleagues but didn’t have one central place for essential information about working here that everyone can access. This new site is open to everyone. It will work alongside tools like ‘How Do I?’ that give operational guidance for Food colleagues.

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to wade through lots of information, so we want to keep it clear, simple and easy to find what you need. Each page has a feedback box, so if you don’t understand something, can’t find what you’re looking for, or something goes wrong – let us know.

Replacing the intranet

The site and other tools will eventually replace the intranet, but it’ll be a while before we get to that point. It’s not about just copying content across, as there’s a lot of content on the intranet that isn’t relevant for colleagues, and can get in the way. We need to work with colleagues across Co-op to make sure the right information is in the right place.

We’ve started from scratch and built the site based on colleague needs – prioritising the information colleagues most often search or ring our call centre for.  

Saving our Co-op money and our colleagues’ time

By making it easier for you to find information, we’ll cut calls to our helpdesk, and the amount of time colleagues spend searching for answers. When Food launched ‘How Do I?’ (the self service system for all the operational information you need working in store) – calls to the support centre went down by around 25%.

We’ve worked closely with the digital team that created ‘How Do I?’, including Matt Edwards who was seconded from a food store to work on it. Having Matt on board helps us make sure that the site works for colleagues, and that we use the lessons learned.

It’s going to get better

Over the next few months we’re making some more changes:

  • We’ll add more of the content you’re looking for, and make improvements based on your feedback
  • The website’s open as we want to make access as easy as possible, and show potential colleagues what it’s like working here. But some content will only be appropriate for colleagues, so we’ll build a password protected area
  • We’ll improve our Colleague Stories blog, making it easier for you to find stories about where you work, and what’s happening across Co-op

If you have access to the intranet, you’ll see this site replace it when you log-on in the next few weeks, but the intranet will still be available too. We’ll also start to publicise the site more widely to colleagues.

A big thanks to the Co-op Digital team, and to the editors in each of our businesses who’ve helped get their information ready for the site.

Hope you find it useful, and please give us feedback through the box on each page. And if you have any questions about the colleague website or future of the intranet, please email


Joe Williamson
Digital Channels Manager, Colleague Communications

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  1. I think this has been a long time coming – thank you. At last we’re being more open and allowing us colleagues who aren’t sat in front of a PC as our day job the chance to see things that the minority who do work in front of a computer have access to all the time. Maybe now people will stop saying ‘I didn’t know about…’ as the answer is clearly ‘you never looked’! I think what it’s missing though is general info to help me understand more about the teams and what different parts of the Co-op do. I’m interested to know more, but can’t get the big picture here. Some work to go to make it look better and have more info in it, but great start and totally the right direction. Thank you on behalf of all colleagues not sat in front of a computer!

  2. Interesting that Joe public can currently see our pay days, double discount offers, building and facilities info/phone numbers, colleague terms and conditions etc. the list goes on and on. Only place the public can’t go is HR so at least that’s a start. I find this a very odd way of spending money.

    • Transparency is the key. There is nothing accessible that is the least bit sensitive, no problem.

  3. I’m all for changes for the best but not if it’s at the cost of the customer. We could of made a portal for all employees to log in via their employee number. Then with the remaining funds spend on upgrading manhatten, Microlise and the likes of to stop them conflicting with one another and increase performance. Just a thought 😉

  4. Three things – firstly, the intranet looks better and secondly – what is the point? We are creating work that we don’t need to do, especially when Fuel for Growth is in flight. Finally, why are publishing internal Coop information on a publicly accessible website? Surely that is the point of an ‘intranet’.

  5. Absolutely love this, layout is super, has a magazine look to it.

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