Kevin Ferneyhough holding up a colleague membership card at his desk

With double discount days being this Friday 31 August and Saturday 1 September, I was about to write the ‘usual’ double discount update for this page. But instead, I started to think about which colleague member discounts I use.

Getting 20% off Co-op branded products on double discount days is fairly well known about and certainly one I use. I asked the Food marketing team what they’d like to promote to colleagues this month and they suggested our award winning cheeses and yoghurts from the International Cheese and Dairy awards:

  • Our garlic and herb roule (normally £1.70, double discount price: £1.36).
  • The quirky Irresistible lemon curd yoghurt with blackberry and gin compote at only 63p each (instead of the usual 79p).
  • Our Mozzarella which is normally £1, and only 80p on double discount days.

Electrical and Beds offer double discount too

I’ve used the 10% off at Co-op Electrical before, but haven’t bought anything off our Co-op Beds site yet. If you’re in the market for a bed or some electrical items though, these double discounts days are a great chance to have a look on the websites and get 10% off rather than the normal 5%. The team have asked me to promote the following too:

  • You can save up to an extra £50 off a range of cooking appliances, coffee machines and food prep products in the home baking showstopper event on our Electrical website – running from 29 August to 14 September.
  • In partnership with Silentnight, there’s a 10% off sale right across the Beds website until 1 October – and that’s in addition to our colleague discount.

Colleague member discounts available across all businesses, all year

We shouldn’t forget what discounts our colleague membership card entitles us to all year. Thankfully myself or family haven’t need to arrange a funeral, but knowing I can get up to £700 off a Co-op Funeral is a good thing. And if you’re thinking of buying a funeral plan to give peace of mind to your loved ones, then £400 off one is a good deal.

I’ve taken advantage of our colleague member discount in Insurance – with both my cars and my home insurance. I checked price comparison sites first, but with our ‘bags more’ offer, Co-op came out best. I only have fish as pets so no need for pet insurance, but I did take out our platinum travel insurance this year – covering this year’s and next year’s holidays. Same price as the cheapest on price comparison site, but with a lot more cover and my children go free (offer ends 30 September). Use the code ‘colleagues10’ for the 10% off.

I’ve not used any of our legal services, but making a will is always on my mind. So it probably won’t be long before I look at benefiting from my 5% off there too.

I often hear people saying that there are loads of colleagues who aren’t members. With this wide range of discounts I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t be one. Especially when my children’s school PTA recently benefited from the 1% as one of our local causes.

To help you out, here are the links to apply online, or find out more about benefits on the colleague website.

Happy shopping.

Kevin Ferneyhough
Colleague Communications Manager