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That’s a really big part of my job.

I work in Co-op’s PR team where – through the media – we make sure people know about the fantastic things we’re doing to make our communities stronger. Everything from our Co-op Academies to our Local Community Fund and Member Pioneers.

In 2017 I was part of the team that co-ordinated the PR activity for our November celebration day, which meant creating hundreds of tailored press releases for local media.

I’ve been doing PR at Co-op for eleven years and believe the work we did around celebration day may be the biggest regional PR campaign we’ve ever done. We got to a truly hyper local level and reached thousands of people through local and regional newspapers both in print and online. We also got some national coverage.

I’ll be doing the same for this year’s celebration day. We’ll be telling you more about that next week.

Local cause stories

I’ve been doing stories on all the wonderful and diverse ways our local causes have been using members’ money.  

We want to provide a constant stream of these stories so that people start to understand the real difference our Co-op is making through membership.

Hopefully that will prompt some customers who aren’t members to become one – and even persuade others who don’t shop with us already to start doing that.

Remember, if you’re a member and haven’t already chosen your local cause, just sign in to your membership account.

Here’s just a taster of the stories that have already appeared in local media:

Because the Local Community Fund is part of who we are as a business now, it can be easy to take some of these success stories for granted.

But if you put together all the stories we’ve done on local causes we’ve helped since 2016, the enormity of what the Local Community Fund is doing day-in, day-out for our communities is staggering.

We should be proud.

Why not go and meet your chosen local cause and tell your own story about how they’re making a difference in your community?

Using @coopukcolleague and #beingcoop on social media you can help spread the word too.

Craig Brownsell
Press and Media Manager

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  1. Telling our story, so everyone aware of exactly what our members are doing to change people’s lives, is so important. Thanks to Craig and whole PR team.

  2. Yes we absolutely need to make more of this.

    The Essex news websites you linked me to turned out to be very laggy on VDE.

    £32k? Pity that store couldn’t have got a matching donation from one of the TOWIE wastes of oxygen.

    Gemma Collins probably spent that much on make-up each in the same 12 month period.

    Very sad to see a story about an anti-LGBT group protesting in Basildon further down the news site.

    If ever we doubted the need for Pride….

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