We’ve now completed our first three-month cycle of Pulse surveys that we introduced to give us a regular temperature check on how you’re feeling about working here.

You may remember this quarter our focus was on one Co-op – a really important part of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition – and our people priorities of inclusion, wellbeing, recognition and performance.

Between May and July you told us:

  • Engagement across Co-op remained stable at 75%.
  • Most of you told us you’re having regular performance conversations, with six out of ten colleagues saying they have them at least monthly.
  • Wellbeing and bullying, harassment and discrimination needs continued leadership focus, as 12% of colleagues said they’d experienced bullying, harassment and discrimination in the last month. This is simply unacceptable and I’ll be focusing on this with your leadership teams.
  • You want to have more opportunities to have your say particularly during change.
  • You said you see less (6% decline) of your leaders showing positive behaviour, such as giving feedback on performance or encouraging team discussion. These things are really important, so our Talkback about your leaders survey next month will help us understand more about this.

If you’ve not yet seen the Talkback Pulse scores for your area, please speak to your manager.

Talkback – about your leaders survey coming this week 

In response to your feedback, we’ll run our new Talkback – about your leaders survey for all colleagues from 4 -18 September.

This survey will focus on how you feel about your manager, as we know this is crucial to how you feel about working here.

The survey is completely confidential and handled by our external partner, so please be open and honest in your responses as we can’t change anything if we don’t know about it. Only managers with teams of five or more will get individual reports, so your individual responses won’t be seen by anyone at the Co-op (smaller teams will wrap-up into your manager’s manager).

Look out for your invite in your inbox (it will go to the email address you registered in MyHR) on 4 September and take this opportunity to share your views.

Thank you.


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  1. This society are not intrested in any of it’s staff you are just a number all this talk back is a complete waste of time and money nothink will come from it they will paint a picture of roses . It will all follow a cycle in retail and them at the top will leave and it will fall on us the troops to bail them out.

  2. Steve you came to Thurrock distribution depot a number of year’s ago i remember it well. You said in the past we have not listen to you the staff but in the future we will because you are key to the business. I deliver to the shop on a daily basis with hour cut at store you are putting individuals under pressure and also making it dangerous for staffno security at store shop lifters galore.

  3. Can i ask if we are a ethical society why is it only a few are getting a BONUS. We all help to make this society what it is so why do only a few get a payment? I expect this will be veted and will not be put on comment box.

  4. Some issues of bullying, in my opinion, is what comes through the computer. Sometimes this is relentless but this is just my opinion.

  5. I have not yet received any tailback information for tailback about the store or the survey .as my manager is pressureising me to fill it out about the managers in my store

  6. Why haven’t I had my talkback survey yet? I’ve checked my emails and my junk emails.

    • I just worked out why. In MYHR it still has my @coop email address listed. I’m no longer a manager so this email address no longer exists. I, however, never put this email address into MYHR, so shouldn’t there also be an automated process to remove the @coop email addresses when people stand down? I’ve added my personal email address now, but how do I get a survey sent out again?

      • Hi Nick, please do change your email address in MyHR so it’s right for future. In the meantime, please visit coop.co.uk/talkback and enter your employee number to complete the survey.

  7. I’m concerned that each year there are some questions that suddenly change strongly agree to be a negative answer and strongly disagree to be a positive/better answer. This year there’s three like this in section 2 about ‘My Manager’.
    A lot of people ‘speed’ read or plain don’t read correctly. I bet loads of colleagues accidenly put the opposite of want they intended to respond.
    Why can it be kept simple with Strongly agree always being the best response?

  8. Not until after I filled in my talkback survey was I told it was actually referring to my line managers not the main store manager! This needed to be made clear before. No comment box either to mention any ongoing problems. Is this because no one wants to know. Smoking outside stores has got to be addressed, our shop stinks from where it just blows through from the back door. Surely in this day smoking needs to be stopped especially when non smokers are having to work in it.

    • Agree with smokers – but this is a local issue – if smokers were simply more considerate and looked where their smoke was blowing there’d be no problem.

      Talkback is always about your store manager if you’re in a food store – they are scored on it in their performance review.

  9. Don’t confuse ‘Leaders’ with ‘Line Managers’ they are two different roles in the context of talkback. My Line Manager does his best to keep his team focused, but ‘Leaders’ (i.e. more senior managers/exec) are the ones causing moral and performance issues across the Funeralcare business which is not being addressed (again).

  10. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the feedback on the changes to Talkback this year. We’ve passed your comments on to the colleague engagement and insight team who’ve provided us with the response below:

    “We’ll look into including an open comment option in future surveys. About why the questions focus on your manager – we’d heard feedback that many line managers valued the ‘leadership wheel’ they got last year that helped them with what they need to do differently. Also,we’ve previously asked questions about ‘senior leaders’ and colleagues told us they found it confusing and didn’t know who exactly that meant.

    All 5,000 leaders at all levels will get their own scores, so our most senior leaders will get a report on how their team experience their leadership. Don’t forget, surveys are only one way of giving feedback so please talk to your managers and leaders if there’s more you’d like to say.” (Tess Shannon, Colleague Engagement Manager)


    • Unless there were multiple versions of pulse survey, I had mine with couple of comments boxes right near the end. Did I get a full fat version of the survey???? My only suggestion about it is that they are limited to 1000 characters. Can this be increased please, not enough to describe everything that needs writing!

      Reg the comments around Line Manager, I have filled these surveys in the past and they have been confusing when using the terms ‘leadership’ making it difficult to decipher whether I am giving a feedback about my line manager or their line manager etc., it was about time, they made it clear using the term Line manager. The way I see it is, ones’ line manager has equal opportunity to complete a pulse survey about their line manager as well and if they have any concerns they can register it within their survey answers, this all helps with behavioural and cultural change which given we are at 12% BHD definitely needed!

    • This isn’t really a good enough answer “we’d heard feedback that many line managers valued the ‘leadership wheel’ they got last year that helped them with what they need to do differently.” when we all know that the feedback is telling us that managers overwhelmingly DON’T do anything different as a result of the survey….

      Oh, and “I’ll look into it” is number 17 on the big list of middle management excuses for doing nothing.

      Just tell us you will or you won’t.

  11. Totally agree with the comments above, our line managers are taking the flack here when its higher management absolutely ruining what was until a couple of years ago a fantastic place to work.

    Our line managers are puppets on the strings of higher management that have very little funeral experience and have no clue on what we do day to day.

    The results of this are going to be ridiculous as everyone would expect – Will anything be done…. yet again NO

  12. Disappointed that there isn’t a comment box perhaps you don’t want to hear what’s going on

  13. We in the distribution always get forgotten we play a key part in the business . But don’t get recognized.

  14. I have just completed the TALKBACK Survey. It completely focuses on my Line Manger. Whereas it should focus on Senior Management as it is them who to blame for the low morale and bad feeling within Funeralcare at the moment. Our Line Managers are not the ones to blame. Many are new in the role, having little/no training/experience to be able to perform their role, compounded by the fact they don’t have time to carry our the task detailed in their role profile as they are fully occupied ‘fire fighting’ and Conducting funerals & arranging funerals due to a shortage of staff. The Senior Managers are responsible for many experienced good staff leaving the business. Why should our immediate Line Managers take the blame for something which has been forced upon them? TALKBACK Shame on you!

  15. Talkback survey about our leaders? My line manager is a junior manager and ‘leads’ in a very restricted sense. The real issue is the actions of the senior leaders in the business, who for good or bad affect our day to day working lives, especially over the last few months.

  16. I’ve just done the survey and I’m disappointed that there was no free text option anywhere to record any examples or provide additional information outside the constraints of the questions set.

    I know you will struggle to get the questions right but by making all the responses about my immediate line manager only you’re adopting a one-dimensional view organisation .

    Most of us work extensively for managers who aren’t our line managers and line managers are often heavily influenced by those above them. The organisational climate is often set two or three levels higher up. The JFDI culture often emanates from that level in the hierarchy.

  17. I think the fact that you have reduced “bullying, harassment and discrimination” to a three letter acronym is a really bad move.

    As you refer to it by the abbreviation it loses it’s meaning and diminishes it.

    It’s a serious issue and deserves to be heard (literally) . Say it out loud and call it what it is.

  18. I have just taken this survey and am surprised at the lack of questions surrounding the leadership of the business unit I am in. A lot of the questions are focused on my manager. Why are there no questions about business unit leadership?

  19. 12% have experienced BHD? Whilst I appreciate that some may happen is this figure truly accurate or is it more that people do not like being told they are underperforming? Possibly a result of the Nanny-state we now live in.

    • I agree. I think that some people call being told they are underperforming, or even being asked to do something they don’t like, bullying

    • 12% doesn’t surprise me when there’s no standard training for line managers on how to be a line manager (i.e. what is and isn’t illegal under EA 2010, for example – would you expect a random bloke on the street to be able to name the Protected Characteristics?, of course not!), and there’s no dedicated HR line for non-manager colleagues to speak to someone impartial with that knowledge, our only recourse is to speak to our manager!

  20. Things like feedback are written in a mound of other facts and figures on a board in the staff room. Conversations regarding feedback rarely happen.

    Colleagues need to be given this info vocally and not scribbled on a wall to be read during our precious break time.

    Sandra Mitchell

    • I’d suggest you make this known in your talkback survey. Its an individual store issue, not really for the intranet.

  21. This piece says that ‘smaller teams’ will be wrapped into their manager’s results. What’s the cut-off size please? If we’re in a small team of 5, would my manager be able to see our individual responses, or is the cut off 10, 20…?? And does the team size include the manager we’re feeding back on or not? Thanks.

    • Hi there, its teams of five or more (not including your manager) that will get a report as they’re considered large enough for individual responses not to be recognised. ^Laura

      • So if I have a team of 4 but some of my team have a small team under them, I will get all of these results as a whole?

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