Our Talkback – about your leaders survey is open until Tuesday 18 September (5pm) so don’t miss your chance to have your say. This survey focuses on how you feel about your manager, as we know this is crucial to how you feel about working here.

The survey is completely confidential and handled by our external partner, so please be open and honest in your responses as we can’t change anything if we don’t know about it. Only managers with teams of five or more will get individual reports, so your individual responses won’t be seen by anyone at the Co-op (smaller teams will wrap-up into your manager’s manager).

Your invite should have gone to the email address you registered in MyHR on 4 September. If you haven’t had one yet don’t worry (although do check your email details in MyHR) you can also visit coop.co.uk/talkback and enter your employee number to complete it.

Thank you.


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  1. When we will know the results?

  2. It’s no use talking if no-one is listening – and that’s what if feels like. All the right noises but no action. Yes, the good managers get a nice warm feeling when the scores are good but what happens to the ones with poor scores, year after year? Nothing. They don’t even discuss it with their team – because it’s just the same as last year. Rubbish

  3. How long do you have to have been with the business to complete the survey?

    I only joined last week and I’m happy to complete the survey, but it won’t accept my employee number. Possibly too new?

    • Hi Jason,
      Welcome to Co-op! Yes you’re too new – you needed to be with us in August to have your details included. The good news is we do Talkback surveys on a regular basis so you should get the chance to give your feedback soon. ^Laura

  4. I dislike the question about having to specify whether I am the ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’ carer for my child. Along with my partner I am an equal carer – why on earth are we asked to rank which of us is the most caring?

  5. there are approx 170 employees of simplify probate currently on secondment to Co op legal services. on secondment we don’t currently have employee numbers therefore excluded from these surveys. don’t we get a say???

  6. I was disappointed to see I had to put in my employee number. To me, this may place an element of doubt into employees’ minds that the survey is confidential. What was wrong with a business unit code? If managers want to falsify their talkback results they can still find out all their employees numbers fairly easily. . .

    • Very true Steve. Glad this comment got on the record. I don’t trust the survey.

    • Hi Steve and +1,
      No one at Co-op sees any individual responses – its so our external partner can check that there is only one response per colleague. With the previous use of one code per team or business area they couldn’t as easily check that each survey came from a different individual so this was is much more accurate and in line with what other businesses do. ^Laura

      • Thanks Co-op.

        So there must have been a significant problem with people sending in duplicate surveys then for it to have needed fixing?

        Surely someone taking the time to send in multiple responses doesn’t invalidate the results – they must be incredibly happy (or angry) about the situation to do that?

        Surely if you know the headcount for the team you’ll know if the results are suspiciously large and can make an allowance for that?

        It doesn’t bode well for the accuracy of previous surveys and therefore any increases or decreases over previous surveys must be taken with a pinch of salt.

    • Indeed. First thing my manager did was go round the office and check who received the email!

  7. Why has the comments and suggestions box been left off the survey this time?
    The questions in the survey don’t really apply to our situation in the warehouse, yes I am in a team but we don’t all work together as a team throughout the day and my manager very often runs a different departments to where I work.
    Also we can’t change how our job is done, it’s picked, loaded and sent to store.
    It justs seem like a tick box exercise and no one is really bothered about listening to the real opinions of the staff. You need to look at customising the surveys to the individual roles.

  8. In the interest of fairness, can we also have a survey on Senior Management? I feel this will ensure that the correct level of feedback is given to the correct levels of management. .

    Otherwise Talkback exercise this may be viewed by some as obvious scapegoating and ignoring the fact that line managers have their hands tied so hard, that they may as well be in an Episode of 50 shades of Grey.

  9. Our manager is new to are store,so far I can’t find anything to say bad about him,he’s fit in well with us all.

    • That’s fantastic Jeanette! Tell him in the survey. ^Laura

    • I am another who is extremely sceptical about the employee number fiasco, plus, it is only a tick box exercise for management to say they have done it, end of. After all, there was plenty, PLENTY of feedback left earlier on the internet from colleagues – all of it damning – and surprise, surprise, it wasn’t even acknowledged let alone acted upon. Hey ho….. same old, same old…

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