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Congratulations to Tina Mitchell, Divisional Managing Director in Food, who won the prestigious Executive Leader award at the 2018 Barclaycard everywoman awards last night in front of hundreds of leaders from the UK’s leading retail brands.

Tina was one of nine inspirational winners selected by the judging panel of industry heavyweights, including senior women from Stella McCartney, Burberry, Tesco, Specsavers and Amazon.

The judges recognised that under her leadership, the overall performance of approximately 10,000 colleagues has improved, absence has decreased, and colleague turnover has reduced significantly.

Tina said: “I’m still in shock but I’m incredibly humbled to be recognised among so many great women leaders in the industry. I hope I’ve helped women leaders starting their careers see that being yourself, and sometimes being a little brave, can lead to success.”

Read more about the winners and the awards.

Helen Webb
Chief People Officer

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  1. @ Rachel.

    Thank you!

    I do hope Tina will be happy to chat.

    I look forward to the article.

  2. This is great!!!!

    It would be a great build for the rest of us if you could share what Tina did differently that led to the overall performance of approximately 10,000 colleagues improving, absence decreasing, and colleague turnover reducing significantly?

    The Talkback scores in her division must be off the scale. How much better are they?

    I’d also be curious as to how long these effects had lasted – more than one year or less?

    Could you set up an in-depth interview with Tina for us please?

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