Graphic saying: media reaction to our interim results

As soon as we released our interim results last Friday, we started to see positive reactions from the business reporters in the media.

Selection of media headlines about our 2018 interim results

The increase in our profits played out across the headlines, with quite a few linking this to our acquisition of Nisa. Given the dismal stories that keep making the headlines about the state of retail at the moment, seeing the Daily Mail say that we’re ‘bringing cheer to the high street’ shows that when you have the right plan in place you can deliver success.

Interestingly, the journalists also picked up positively on a couple of other stories we pushed hard alongside our results too – our acquisition of Dimec to support our new health and wellbeing ventures, the price reduction and guarantee in funerals for members, and the great progress we’ve made in probate boosted by the Simplify Probate acquisition. Having a positive set of results really helps us get other important messages out and create a broader awareness of what we’re doing alongside their analysis too. Through the media briefings we did with Steve Murrells, Ian Ellis, Jo Whitfield and Pippa Wicks, we were able to land our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition messaging in a number of the national papers.

Our media engagement approach continues throughout the year. This is so that when our results announcements land in April and September, media influencers understand where our Co-op is heading and the difference we are making. We’ve a few more opportunities planned with the National media before the year is out and plenty to look forward to in 2019.

Russ Brady
Head of Corporate PR and Events