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On Saturday 24 November colleagues across Co-op will have the chance to celebrate with local causes who’ve benefited from this round of the Local Community Fund.

If you’re not already part of the celebrations in Food stores and funeral homes, I’d encourage all colleagues to save the date and pop down to their local store to join in.

I’m a Member Pioneer in Hereford, a learning facilitator in Food, and a council member, so I’ll be getting involved in lots of ways.

We’ve already had two brilliant Payout Celebration Days in April 2017 and November 2017 which brought all our businesses and colleagues together.

They’re a great way of reminding us of the real difference our Local Community Fund is making to thousands of local causes in the UK.

Encouraging co-operation

I’ve worked for Co-op for 18 years starting as a customer team member. I was also one of the first Member Pioneers.

I get my biggest kick out of connecting people in my community – bringing people together to co-operate and help each other. As a Co-op that’s what it’s all about.

Membership is about much more than 5% and 1%. It’s about democracy and true co-operation.

I’m also passionate about working as one Co-op. Only recently I helped connect Insurance to one of the local causes who’d received £3,600 from the Local Community Fund.

Angela Tyler set up The ELY Memorial Fund in memory of her daughter who sadly died in a road traffic accident at the age of 23.

The charity helps pay funeral costs for families in the Herefordshire area who’ve experienced the loss of a son or daughter (aged 17-25) in a road traffic accident.

Angela also works with Hereford and Worcester Fire & Rescue Service Dying 2 Drive initiative. They go into schools and educate young people about the dangers of careless driving.

Insurance have learnt a lot from her that they can feed into their own initiatives on young drivers and safer roads.

Since I’ve introduced Angela to different people around Co-op she’s now going into our Co-op Academies to talk about her experience.

That’s an example of how co-operation works in action.

Connecting people all year round

All year round Member Pioneers are bringing people together in lots of different ways. Here in Hereford we’ve set up a Co-op Local ForumColleagues are very welcome to come along.

Jackie Savage speaking at a Co-op Local Forum

Remember, you’re also invited to the Join In Live member events starting on 24 September and running through to November.

Jackie Savage
Member Pioneer, Council Member and Learning Facilitator

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  1. RE Celebration day, I think it should be in the terms and conditions of the community funding that local causes spend at least 2 days in store through the term of the fundraising period, as well as the celebration day, promoting themselves and co-op membership. Too many causes are getting funding that, frankly, they haven’t earned – nobody has seen them in stores, they haven’t been to introduce themselves, and in some cases where stores have chased them up to engage them, they haven’t responded well to this idea that we work together. Some of them just want the money, which isn’t what this is about. Stores should be able to “red flag” these causes for chasing by the centre so they can be reminded that they need to engage or risk loosing their funding.

  2. This is just one example of how Member Pioneers and colleagues are working together with causes in communities across the country to literally change people’s lives. Thanks so much to Jackie for sharing her story. Looking forward to the celebration day to hear and see more of them!

  3. I am Angela Tyler whom
    Jackie refers too. Our charity is so grateful to be part of the Hereford Co-op Forum. We have received great support from the Co-op stores in Hereford. I cannot thank Jackie enough for her encouragement and dedication for local charities.

  4. Will there be any coop academies in scotland

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