Our Talkback – about your leaders survey is being extended to Monday 24 September (9am) so don’t miss your chance to have your say.

The survey focuses on how you feel about your manager, as we know this is crucial to how you feel about working here. Leaders at all levels will receive feedback as a result of the survey.

The survey is completely confidential and handled by our external partner, so please be open and honest in your responses.

Only managers with teams of five or more will get individual reports, so your individual responses won’t be seen by anyone at Co-op (smaller teams will wrap-up into your manager’s manager).

Your invite has gone to the email address you registered in MyHR. If you haven’t had one don’t worry (although do check your email details in MyHR) you can also visit coop.co.uk/talkback and enter your employee number to complete it.

A note on your feedback so far

Some colleagues have expressed concerns about using their employee number and asked why we’ve changed this. Previously we manually created thousands of team codes and there were some challenges with this.

The confidentiality of the survey is something we and our survey company take extremely seriously. The majority of large organisations use employee numbers, and tie the results back to a team by HR data.

This is done by a third party to protect confidentiality. No-one at Co-op can ever see individual responses. If you’ve been concerned about entering your details then please be assured of confidentiality and don’t miss your chance to have your say.

We know that some of you missed the open comments box this time around. When we do our all-colleague survey next year, we’ll bring this back.

You’ve also told us you wanted to have the opportunity to comment more on senior leaders. We’ve asked questions about this is the past and the feedback was that you didn’t know exactly who you should be answering the questions about, which makes it hard to work with the results.

By focusing on line managers, every single leader gets feedback, but we’ll work with our Colleague Voice forum to see how we can get around this challenge.

Thank you for your time and making our Co-op a great place to work.

Steve Murrells
Co-op CEO

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  1. Does anyone have any idea when, or if the results will be shared?

    • Hi D, the Co-op wide results will be communicated during the first week of November and leades with teams of 5 or more will get their reports that week too so they can look at what they might need to do differently. ^Laura

  2. if you need to hide away from the Big bad Coop when expressing your opinions, are you really doing your part to voice the problems you see. Id be more than happy to give my name to the company when doing the talkback as i believe in what i say and am always focused on the improvement of the company in what i put down.

    • I agree totally, there is little point in anonymous feedback, in order to act on any points raised surely they have to be specific to the individual Managers?

  3. Our store has only had the results of talkback once, they were shockingly bad and never discussed with the team. They were printed out and disappeared after a few days.
    The recent talkback pulse (may) has not been spoken about and no one knows where to find results.
    This will be the last one most of our store will complete. It is better not to be asked, than have an answer ignored.
    If the results were emailed to colleagues direct there is a greater chance that managers would address issues raised.

    • Emailing the results to colleagues direct is a great idea, and in my opinion one that should be explored.
      What a great way of creating discussion within business groups, and also preventing the less scrupulous from getting the results out there.

  4. Scrap Talkback. Nobody believes in it or trusts it to deliver on anything. The name is mud throughout the organisation. And certainly nobody believes for a minute it’s as confidential as you say. Maybe it is, but the fact that nobody believes it says a lot.

    I was in a food listening session a few months back where HR first told a group of us that it would be like this, that it would need your employee number. Every single person in the room told them it was a bad idea.

    Nice to see feedback being listened to!…

    • Thanks Jon!

      Exactly what I had in mind.

      Didn’t even need the Colleague Voice forum – just needed some honest feedback to flow upwards through HR to Talkback and Talkback be prepared to change in response.

      I wonder which part of that process failed?

    • So people gave feedback to HR reps at a meeting and it wasn’t acted on.

      I wonder what went wrong?

      All it needed was a process to have an honest conversation upwards within HR and for Talkback to be prepared to act on user feedback.

      Only two steps required.

  5. No offence Steve but most of the things you’ve learnt could have been discovered in advance by engaging with a small group of the recipients (maybe that Colleague voice forum?)

    There is a trust issue in using employee in order to complete the survey. People are saying they don’t trust Talkback.

    “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” said Einstein and I think that applies here – restating what you said before you knew there was a problem doesn’t fix it.

    There has to be a greater effort at transparency to regain trust especially given how tarnished “talkback” is as a brand.

    • I get that people are concerned, but there comes a point where we have to put our faith in the leaders of our business, and trust what they say.
      I certainly don’t for a second believe that the information collated will be used in anything but the manner described, because there are lots of reasons why having the data as identifiable wouldn’t work, but the main one is..

      If we’ve told people that the data is not identifiable, what would we actually do with said data if it was? We can hardly be expected to go to Maureen in the bakery and say “In your talkback, you said….”.
      It’s farcical to believe otherwise.

      Sometimes, people DO need to trust more, and stop finding reasons to snipe at the business .

      Just my two pennies…

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