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I’m delighted that Co-op is working with Cruse Bereavement Care and the British Red Cross on a new scheme to support those feeling isolated after the death of a loved one.

Through the ‘More Than Words’ scheme we’ll set up social groups to help people make new friends and feel less alone.

Our recent biggest ever survey into death, dying and bereavement showed that one in seven people felt others didn’t know what to say or do following a bereavement. 17% also felt the least helpful thing someone could do was to avoid the subject completely. 

These results highlight how important it is to have support at such an incredibly hard time.

Now we’ve got such a wealth of insight on what stops the nation talking about bereavement, we can start to address these areas and work with others, like Cruse and the British Red Cross, to drive genuine social change.

Your fundraising has made this happen

The scheme is being run in 12 locations across the UK and we’re asking people to sign up as ‘champions’ to run social events and support others who’ve experienced bereavement.

This is yet another example of how the £6.7m you raised to tackle loneliness is helping people across the UK in many different ways.

Funeralcare already runs some fantastic bereavement groups on a local scale, so I’m particularly proud we’re able to support this scheme – and increase the number of people we can help.

Through our Local Community Fund there are lots of local causes already tackling loneliness too. If there’s one in your community, you can sign in to your membership account and choose them.

Robert Maclachlan
Managing Director, Funeral and Life Planning

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  1. Hello, I would like to see bereavement focus groups set up at the depots, not just for those bereaved but also for us at Team manager level that go out to those bereaved on home visits. These groups I feel would be a great benefit for all.

    • Dave – What a good idea! Send me an email please and I will arrange a time to come and see you to discuss how we can help implement this. Christine (ESA)

  2. Love this think its a great thing to do for our communities. It would also be good if we could build on this and have groups for bereaved children, there is very little out there when I have looked for support for my son. We could maybe pilot it working with our Academies.

  3. We have provided a bereavement support group in our area for over 12 years. We initiated it partly because there were very few resources in our area and Cruse did not have a presence.

    Cruse are now fundraising to start a local office. Is it possible for us to work with them?

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