Christmas, for many, is a really special time of year and we want to know who or what makes it even more special for you. After all, Christmas is better together.

It’s only September, but Christmas has landed. Festive treats have started arriving in our depots, mince pies are appearing on our store shelves, and we’re busy planning the December issue of Let’s Talk About Food.

We want to make this edition all about our colleagues, so we’d love to hear your views. Who, or what, wouldn’t it be Christmas without – and why?

It could be when you get to see your great-aunt Susan, when your neighbour puts their tree up at the start of October, or when your dad falls asleep at the dinner table after one too many mulled wines. If we feature you in our magazine we’ll send you a delicious Christmas treat to enjoy with someone special.

To get involved, email and let us know your stories by Friday 28 September.

We know that Christmas isn’t the only holiday our colleagues celebrate at the end of the year, and it means different things to different people. As well as fun Christmas features, we’re planning articles that celebrate the diversity of cultures and colleagues at Co-op. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Hester Lonergan
Writer and Editor, Let’s Talk About Food

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  1. without jesus

  2. Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, for various reasons. If you are a colleague who feels alone this year, don’t forget you can call our Employee Assistance Programme LifeWorks on 0800 069 8854 24 hours a day to talk in confidence. They can always refer you to our British Red Cross Community Connector Service. You can find more details about this on their website ^Rachel

  3. My kids – sadly this year is the first year without them due to a separation from the family, while the kids are all excited about the big day and what they would like to have I only have the knowledge that this year I will be alone on Christmas Day and accepting that my ex wife and Children will be enjoying the festivities with her family and friends, it is now all about making the most of the run up to the big day and ensuring that it is as special as it can be for the children and ensuring they get to spend time with me leading up to the 25th and enjoying the spirit of family time before the event

    • I hear you buddy, trust me it gets easier…… You and the ex need to work out a shared Christmas for the kids as it is the only fair way they get to spend time with both Mum and Dad, lets not forget dads are just as important in a child’s life as mums are……
      I had a hard slog to start again and to give my kids a second stable place they can call home but 3 years down the line I have 50/50 access, happy kids and a place for them while they are with me!

  4. One thing I miss is my late but dear Auntie Rose who worked in the Sprout fields every year in Lincolnshire . We would visit her every year round about the week before and was always met with a rather large bag of Brussels, l love them can’t wait for my first purchase.

  5. Volunteering to do on call over the Christmas Period so my colleagues with young families can enjoy it at home together.
    My eldest daughter was born on New Years Eve so we enjoy the New Year period more.
    Might not say this in a few years when my grandsons have grown.
    Also remembering the elderly in our community without families, so me and my colleagues drop mince pies off and have a quick chat with them.
    And we are giving Blood on Boxing Day so that’s my Christmas sorted.

  6. It has & always will be about my family, it’s the only time our far flung family all manage to actually to be under one roof at the same time! There really is no place for me at that time of year than “home” which isn’t the roof I own but the place my heart is at; I would be happy there even without a single present under the tree.

  7. Christmas Cards, we seem to be sending less but it still cheers me up and makes me feel special to get a card from a distant family member or a friend I have not seen or talked too for ages.
    I am very lucky as I have all my family still on Christmas Day. But as my children are starting off on their own lives and my parents are becoming more frail I often think of those people alone on the big day. So KEEP sending cards, whatsApp and text is easier but a card reminds people they are loved even if they are alone. Even better if you can extend your hospitality to a friend, family member or neighbour who is all alone on the big day.

  8. I know this is more about people, but as you get older and your circle of friends changes and you sadly lose family you find some semblance of Christmas regardless. So for me Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the influence of other cultures. Germany influenced other nations to put up the Christmas tree, Italy gave us all Panettone which a lot of people enjoy on Christmas day morning, Eggnog and Gluhwein traced to America/Canada and Scandinavia respectively, with the credit for turkey curry on Boxing Day surely going to India. And don’t forget to thank the French for that Champagne you drink with Christmas lunch! I don’t think many people realise that Christmas as we know it today has probably become one of the most multicultural holidays of the year and I think that is just marvellous!

  9. John McClane

  10. My dog. We had our dog finally come to us, as a pup, on Christmas Eve. In our family, he’s ‘Monty the Christmas dog’. You can tell he’s a Christmas dog because he goes absolutely wild for wrapping paper or the envelopes from cards. He rips up the paper to shreds and it’s totes adorbs.

  11. Jesus

  12. It will be our first Christmas this year without something that’s been a part of my countdown to Christmas every year since I’ve worked here.

    It won’t feel like Christmas without a Talkback survey to fill in.

    Please make that so…

  13. It wouldn’t be Christmas without having to work everyday except Christmas Day.

  14. My grandchildren the excitement on their faces is priceless. And for me a glass of Baileys while wrapping last minute presents Christmas Eve while watching Its a wonderful life and then Boxing day with cold meats, bubble and squeak pickles with after eights and fresh cream for afters. YUM

  15. Santa

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