Well what a week! If you were on Twitter last week, you can’t fail to have seen all of the fantastic events and activities across Co-op to celebrate National Inclusion Week. It’s been great to see colleagues from all parts of our business talk about what inclusion means to them and what we can all do to create a more inclusive culture at Co-op.

Take a look at the Co-op National Inclusion Week Twitter moment

One thing to take away is that inclusion matters every day, not just one week out of the year. So we asked our colleagues through Co-op social media channels what one thing they would commit to that will make our Co-op more inclusive and here are some of the things that they said:

  • Take time to understand people who think differently to me
  • Make all of my colleagues a cup of tea
  • Do friendly introductions in meetings
  • Say hello to anyone I pass
  • Make somebody smile every day
  • Accept people for who they are
  • Treat everyone equally with no pre-conceptions
  • Learn more about my colleagues’ life experiences
  • Respect all – don’t pre-judge
  • Get to know my colleagues more on a personal level
  • Pause to recognise the contribution made by our whole team
  • Listen to diverse opinions – much more creative #succeedtogether
  • Talk to someone new every day
  • Ask my colleagues if they’re okay
  • Constructively challenge if I witness behaviour that isn’t inclusive
  • Have a conversation with someone outside of my team

Sometimes it’s the little things that count and if we start to do some of the above, then we’re one step closer to everyone feeling more included.

You can continue the conversation around inclusion with your teams. There are diversity and inclusion pioneers like me all around the business who can help you and there’s a great toolkit too.

Tom Chinnery
Diversity and Inclusion Pioneer

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  1. Great idea, sadly little or no time to “Take the time to…..”

  2. There’s just something about this make makes me feel a bit cringey. It feels like we’re trying too hard. And I understand a lot of people (mainly managers) were paid a days wages last week to attend an “inclusion event”. Is there a number somewhere for how much these events cost across the country? I’d like to know what value we’re placing on this stuff, given stores are scratching around for staff and hours to actually run the business. . .

  3. It was really great to see people talking about it all week. Well done to everyone involved! 😀

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